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3 Best solutions to HP Printer error code E3: Call +1-888-621-0339


Today’s world is becoming a technology hub day by day. Most of our work, we do with the help of the technical devices. We can say that now our lives are controlled by machines. The printer is also one of those machines which becomes an essential part of our lives, especially in the office. In the office, we need a printer any time, either to print a document or for scanning it. You can see printers in the market manufactured by different brands. HP is a well-known brand who offers us good quality printers. If you are one of those HP printer users, for any issue related to the printer, you can take the help from HP Printer Customer Support.

We all know that printer is a technical device for which time to time it has to face various technical issues. HP printers also have to go through the technical issues. There are various Errors occur in the HP printer. In this blog, we will discuss how to solve the Error E3 in an HP LaserJet m1132 printer. Here we discuss three ways to solve the issue. So, let’s start the discussion on the topic. In this error, your paper may jam in the printer. Therefore, in simple words, you can solve this issue by removing the papers or debris from the printer. Now, let’s go to the solutions.

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Solution to the error E3

Here, the solutions to the error E3 in your HP LaserJet m1132 printer. By following it you can solve this issue on your own. If you are unable to remove the error, take help from HP Printer Customer Support team.

1st Solution:

Clear papers from the input tray

Like the first solution, you can try to troubleshoot this problem by removing all the jammed and loose paper from the input tray.

Now, you have to search in the input tray if there is paper jammed and stuck

If you find any jammed paper there clear it very carefully

At the last stage, you have to press the cancel button so that the jam is cleared automatically.

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2nd Solution:

Clear the output tray from jammed paper

From the output tray, you have to remove the jammed or loose paper.

Look if there is any paper or object in the output tray area and if you find any, remove it.

While cleaning the paper jam, be careful.

When you removing the paper, after that, ensure that the carriage is able to move freely.

3rd solution:

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Free moving of the carriage should be ensured

Start this process by opening the ink cartridge access door.

Before moving to the next step, you have to wait for the cartridge becomes inactive and silent.

Now, you have to disconnect the printer by removing the power cord and other cables also and perform this action when the printer is on.

Next, you have to search for the jammed paper in the in the ink cartridge area.

Then if you find anything there, remove that out carefully whether it is an object or paper.

Now, to free the carriage path by removing the paper, the carriage should be pushed right.

Then, you have to close the ink cartridge access door which should be followed by plugging back all the power cords and the cables.

At the last step, you have to check if the error e3 is solved in the HP LaserJet m1132

HP Printer Customer SupportHP Printer Customer Support

So, these are the solutions by following which you can solve the issue of error E3 in your HP LaserJet m1132 printer. These are some simple solutions to the error. After following these steps, if you are still unable to solve the issue, you can take the help from HP Printer Customer support by calling them at +1-888-621-0339. This is a third party service provider who has an expert team to help you in resolving HP printer related issue. HP Printer Customer Support team provides services to their customers for all time of the day. For the service, the team of HP Printer Customer Support team never takes any hidden charge from you. Furthermore, you may get your money back if they fail to offer you the service you want. The members of HP Printer Customer Support try their best to satisfy the customer as they believe a satisfied customer can turn to be a returning customer. The best feature of HP Printer Customer Support is that to repair your printer you don’t have to carry it to anywhere; rather you can solve it by following the phone-in instruction from the member of HP Printer Customer Support. if you are unable to resolve the issue, they help you by accessing the remote location. So, to get the best printing experience and to enjoy the best customer service, you should stay connected with HP Printer Customer Support.

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