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3 Easy methods to troubleshoot HP Printer error 50.4

The printer is one of the blessings of the new era science and technology which helps us to save our time of writing on paper. HP is one of the most famous manufacturers of the printers which provide good quality printers. But, like other technical things, the printer also faces various types of technical issue. The 50.4 error is also one of those issues in which a printer stops printing. The printers of HP also face this 50.4 error. If your printer is also displaying the message of 50.4 error, you can take the help of HP printer support phone number. There are various types of thirst party service providers which help you in repairing your printer over the phone. You can get HP printer support phone number by searching in on the internet.

What is 50.4 error of printer?

The fuser unit is an important part of a printer as it plays the main role in printing by fusing the toner on the paper to print. The 50.4 is a fuser error in which a printer stops working. This problem is mainly related to the power of the printer. Due to the drive circuit failure, this may happen and this 50.4 error of HP printer is different from the other printer errors.

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Why it happens

  • The wiring issue is said to be the root cause of this problem. The paper from a printer comes out worm because of the fuse and in this problem; it cannot produce enough heat which causes stop the printer. An HP printer can print almost 100,000 pages in its lifetime. When the fuser error occurs, it may stop printing prior to that.
  • Paper jam in the printer also can cause the error of 50.5 in your printer. To avoid this error update your HP LaserJet in a regular interval. Not updating of your LaserJet can cause other errors also.
  • The error of 50.4 which is shown by a printer also can be caused by the insufficient power to run the printer and to print. To prevent malfunction, always try to fulfill the power requirement of your printer.

How to solve the problem of Printer 50.4 error

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In this blog, we will also discuss how to solve the problem of 50.4 error of a printer. Those are as follows,

Reset the printer

First, to solve this problem of error 50.4, you should reset your printer. For that, first, switch off the power button of the printer and then from the rear part of the printer discard the power cord. Then after waiting for 30 minutes, connect the printer with power and then switch it on. After that try printing your documents again and you need not continue this troubleshooting if the printer is working properly. If it is not working, you can try the second way to solve it.

Wait for 25 minutes after resetting the printer

This error message of 50.4 may be shown by the printer because of the temperature of the fuser is becoming too hot. First, you should disconnect the power connectivity of the printer. Then, leave it for 25 minutes to cool it down and then reconnect it again and press the power button and after starting it try printing again. If the problem is still there, you can follow the third step.

Reset the printer by plugging it into the wall socket directly

Power issue also can cause the fuser error 50.4. So, try this last step to solve this problem. First, check if there is a faulty surge protector.  If you do not find one, try this step. Connect your printer directly into a wall socket. Then turn off the printer and after sometime restart it. If you are using any surge protector, first unplug the power cord and then plug it into the wall socket directly. After reconnecting, try printing again.

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