3 ways to solve Windows Error Recovery on HP Laptops

Now, the laptop is an important part of our lives and you can understand it in a better way if you are a worker whose daily work to be done with the laptop. HP laptops are used widely all over the world. If you are an HP laptop user, you know that sometimes HP laptops also have to go through some technical difficulties. “Windows recover error” is an issue that occurs in the HP laptop which may happen because of the corrupt system files, a hardware change, or a compromised Boot Configuration Data (BCD). Like other problem, this problem can also be solved easily. There are various ways to resolve this HP laptop issue of “Windows error recovery”. In this blog, we are going to discuss three easiest solutions to this issue. You can also take the help from HP Laptop Support for any issue with your HP Laptop.

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Solution 1: Take away the recently added hardware

Windows problems sometimes may occur because of the recently added hardware which can make your hardware unable to reboot, follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the issue;

First, by turning off your laptop, you have to remove the AC adapter and the laptop battery.

Now, you have to disconnect the newly added device and then power on the laptop again so that you can access the hardware you have installed.

Install the battery again and then usually turn on the laptop.

Next, you have to make sure that the laptop successfully boots to the desktop and then it stops displaying the error message of the windows recovery.

After that, you can reconnect the device and then wait till the Windows recognize it. This step is for the external hardware like a printer.

For the hardware which is installed on the motherboard, the best way is you have to make sure that you have installed a compatible device and also introduce the right drivers as soon as possible.

Solution 2: With System Restore, restore the HP laptop

HP Laptop Support

By restoring the HP laptop to the previous setting can solve the Windows error. You can do it by performing the system restore directly from the startup repair window. The whole process of initializing restore is as followed;

First, you have to turn off the laptop.

Next, by pressing the power button, you have to turn the machine on and then press the F8 key until the logo of HP appears. Press that key repeatedly and then you can see that the startup screen appears.

By using the up/down button, you have to emphasize the safe mode option and then press enter.

When you can see that the windows login screen displays, you have to select an administrator user account and then enter the password.

On the menu, you have to press the windows button when the desktop appears.

After that, you have to click inside the search bar and then type cmd and press Enter.

Type rstrui at the command prompt window and then press Enter again and you can see that the restore System screen opens.

Now, click at the next button and after that, you have to choose the last restore point which worked and then click at the next option again.

At the last step, you have to click at the finish and wait to complete the checkup and restarting process.

HP Laptop Support

Solution 3: Perform Windows Start Repair

By restoring the relevant file, you can try to repair the faulty windows startup in your HP printer.

When the error message appears, run the laptop timer countdown and let it run to zero. While selecting the start repair option, you can also press the Enter. Now you can see that the startup repair interface opens and it starts scanning the HP laptop for problems.

To solve the faults appears in your HP laptop, you have to execute the suggestions which are suggested by the startup repair wizard

After a little time, your laptop should restart and also boot into your normal desktop.

So, you may be able to perform Windows Error Recovery by following any of these 3 solutions. If you are unable to do it, you can also take help from HP Laptop Support.

HP Laptop SupportHP Laptop Support

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