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6 Best Ways To Prevent Inkjet Smearing In Canon Printers

Over the years printers have become a very essential part of our work life. And inkjet printers are the most popular versions of printers as they have become more compact in size while becoming more technologically advanced. But as they rely on pigments and dye which are both water-based, many a time the problem of ink smearing is seen in these cases. So today we will look into ways that will help you prevent ink smearing in the future. If you face any difficulty while following the article then do contact Canon Printer Customer Support.


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  1. Give the ink enough time to dry- though it is a very simple thing to say and sounds very obvious it still is one of the most common causes for ink smearing. Generally, we are all so busy that we immediately start handling it that is what causes ink smearing. A printed image tends to take more time compared to a printed document. The dry time of a print largely depends on the ink and the type of paper used. So it is very important that you use the right kind of ink and paper for all your prints. To know more about the right ink and paper for your printer contact Canon Printer Customer Support.
  2. Use of good quality ink- when it comes to printing one of the most important aspects is the ink used. It is also the costliest component of a printer. So generally to cut down the cost of printing we go for cheap quality ink and unbranded compatible ink cartridge. Usage of such poor quality ink causes smearing. This is because the ability if the ink to hold on to the paper largely depends on the composition of the ink. It also depends on the quantity of ink which we use on the paper. Thus the cost-cutting method will either affect the quality of the ink or the cartridge delivery system. And when using a bad quality ink there is very little chance that you will be able to prevent the smearing of ink. So it is very important for you to choose good and high-quality ink.
  3. The environment- the environment to plays an important role in ink smearing. When you place your printer with high humidity and temperature it can affect the print quality. In very high humid place the paper will absorb the moisture and thus the ink will take longer to dry in such papers.
  4. Choose the right combination of paper and ink- another reason that the ink of your print is getting smeared is that the paper used and the ink of the printer is not compatible. This generally happens when the paper and the ink used are of a cheap quality. Usually, the manual of the printer will have the list of compatible ink and paper for the printer. So if you want you can choose from this list and see which works the best for you. If you want you can also upgrade the quality of the paper you are using. Such as using paper with special coatings on them. These coatings on the paper will seal the ink in them and will prevent the ink from smearing.
  5. Alter the printer setting to prevent ink smearing- the smearing of the ink can be prevented by just changing the settings of your printer. Usually, all the printers come with a default setting. This means that all of them will have a universal setting. This works fine if you are using the paper and the ink according to the recommendation. But if you are using a different paper type then it is best to change the setting of the printer accordingly. And if the changes are not in synergy then these changes of paper and the ink type can be a big factor in ink smearing. While changing the settings it is important to check the paper type that the printer you are using is set to. Within the printer setting, you will be able to change the paper type. Our technical team can help you with the setting if needed; just contact Canon Printer Customer Support.
  6. Use of sealants- all most all professional photographers who print their photographs on their own knows a trick to get that perfect image. That is the use of sealants. Almost all images that you print will be susceptible to smudging especially if you are using a coated photo paper. So to prevent smudging of the images it is important to use certain products such as sealants. You can apply this sealant on the top of your printed image. It will prevent it from smearing as it will stop the interaction of the ink with the environment moisture.

Canon Printer Customer Support

Canon Printer Customer Support.

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