A guide to install brother printer without any problem

After buying a printer from the Brother manufacturing company, you will obviously want to install it and make the most out of it. Now, what do you do next? Perhaps turn to the manual that came with your printer. But are you unable to follow up with the instructions that your guide says? Which is probably why you have opted to a “How to do” on the Internet. Well, you are in the right place. For any kind of brother printer issue, talk with Brother Printer Customer Support.

This piece of writing will allow you easy installation of your Brother printer, irrespective of whether you have an installation CD or not.

How to install your Brother printer using the installation CD?

  • Start by connecting the printer to an electrical supply in the wall socket and then by using a USB cable connect the printer to the computer or to the device you desire to print from.
  • Under the Start/Windows menu, search for Control Panel and open it.
  • From the different icons click on Devices and Printers.
  • A window will appear, where you need to click on ‘Add a printer’.

Brother Printer Customer Support

  • Your printer is being searched for now and once it appears on the window screen, select it.
  • Then follow with the system configuration which will ask you to take a few basic decisions.
  • Answer all the questions and complete the setup process.
  • Now comes the CD, insert it in and install the various printer-specific drivers available in the CD.
  • If you want to set your Brother printer over a wireless network, for more detailed instructions take help from Brother Printer Customer Support
  • Your printer is successfully set up using the installation CD.

How to install your Brother printer without the installation CD?

  • It is not really a matter of concern even if you don’t have the installation CD associated with your Brother printer. Because you can easily find it at the official Brother printers website. From the website, you need to select the exact model of your Brother printer and then download the respective installation driver firmware.
  • You will find this file under the Downloads section of the computer. Remember to move the downloaded software to the Printers folder on the Control Panel menu right next to where the model of your printer has been detected. (In case you are unaware of how to add a new device to the system, you can refer to that particular step in the aforesaid procedure to install the printer using a CD).
  • Now open and run the software. A good thing is that the configuration setup will keep on guiding you on what to do next and will ask you if you need the custom based default version or access to the full pack(you have to buy it), select the requisite according to your wish.
  • After replying to accepting the terms and conditions of the software, you reach to the final screen where you need to click on ‘Finish’, it indicates that the installation of the printer driver without the CD has been successfully completed.
  • Now move to the next step, where you need to connect your printer to the computer either over a network.
  • Nowadays wireless connection is the most hyped way to connect your printer with numerous devices. For a detailed method, you can click on the link mentioned in the above procedure.

Brother Printer Customer Support

  • Select the Brother Peer-to-Peer network option o the printer configuration.
  • You might face the issue here where your printer is not getting online, for which you will have to change the firewall settings of the computer. Otherwise, the computer won’t grant access to the printer to continue with its function.

Brother Printer Customer Support

Have you now successfully installed the Brother Printer? Or are you still facing problems? You still need not worry because Brother Printer Customer Support is just a call away from your queries at +1-888-621-0339. This service offered by Brother Printer Customer Support is toll-free and available 24×7 irrespective of any ongoing festivals because serving the customers is our prime concern. There are no hidden charges to our service unlike other third party customer supports. We also provide a monthly/yearly subscription during the period in which the customers can avail free services.

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