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A guide to know the canon printer flash errors

We are all dependent on this electronic boon for all our personal and professional documentation. Now almost own a printer which has helped them to get a printed copy of all their needed paper just at a touch of a button. Whenever a printer faces a problem it displays an error code on the computer screen indicating the internal issue. Today we will see the different error codes associated by canon printer and also the ways to fix it. If you come across any problem or difficulty while following the content then contact Canon Printer Customer Support.



Canon Printer Customer Support

When there is an error in the printer while printing a document may be due to paper jamming. Other causes can be the machine is out of paper. Then you can see a troubleshooting message on the computer screen. And when this error occurs, the lamp flashes displaying the error code. Thus let us look at what the flashes and the corresponding code mean.

  • Two flashes and code 1003 – The right thing to do in such cases is to reload the paper. Then press the printer’s color button. And while loading the paper make sure that you insert the paper stack. Do it until the edge of the paper touches the far end of the front tray.
  • Three flashes and code 1250- this indicates that the close paper output tray. The solution to this problem is very simple; just resume the printing process after opening the paper output tray.
  • Three flashes and code 1300- this code indicates a paper jam in the printer while a printing process. And whenever there are paper jams ensure that you first remove the crumbled paper from the printer. While doing so always follow the paper from where and get in. and if you need to turn off the printer to clear the jam then first cancel the printing process of the printer. And then carefully and slowly pull the paper out of the printer. if you need any assistance while clearing the jam then contact Canon Printer Customer Support.
  • Three flashes and code 1303- this error code indicates that the paper is jammed near the transport unit in the machine. In such case, the only solution is to remove the paper from the transport unit.
  • Three flashes and code 1304- when the paper gets jammed while doing an automatic duplex printing, this is the cause for this error. The only way to solve this problem is by removing the paper.
  • Four flashes and code 1687, 1401, 1403 and 1485 – the fine cartridge is not rightly installed. You can solve the problem by first opening the output tray of the printer. And when the head cover opens carefully push the ink cartridge lock level. After this carefully close the paper output tray. If you face any difficulty while performing this then contact Canon Printer Customer Support for technical help.
  • Six flashes and code 1202- this indicates that the paper output tray is open. Just closing the paper output cover can help you solve the issue.
  • Seven flashes and code 1486- this code indicates that the fine cartridge is not installed in the right place of the printer. This issue can be solved by simply making sure that the fine cartridges are installed in the right place.
  • Eight flashes and code 1702, 1703, 1704 and 1705- all these codes represent the fact that the ink absorber is almost full.
  • Nine flashes and code 1890- this indicates that the protective tape of the attach fine cartridge to the cartridge holder. You can solve the problem by first opening the paper output cover. Then carefully remove the protective cover from the fine cartridge. If still you are unable to solve the problem, then do contact Canon Printer Customer Support.
  • Ten flashes and code 1310- this indicates that the paper on the input tray is not compatible with duplex printing. Know that the right size of paper for duplex printing is A4 or letter size. So make sure that you put the right size of paper while printing. And if you have placed the wrong size of paper the press the black or the colored button of your printer. This will eject the paper and you can thus resume the printing process.


Canon Printer Customer Support

Canon Printer Customer Support

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