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A Guide to know the E-Printing in HP Printer

HP Printers are one of the leading printer companies of all time. The company has a global reorganization and is been liked and used by people all over the world. Now we all know how important printers are to us, as none of our documentation gets can be brought on papers without the help of printers. And over the years HP printers have come with better and improved technologies. And one of the most recent technologies in HP Printers is the use of e-prints. So let us look into the details of these advanced techniques. And if you come across any doubts or want to know more about e-prints then contact HP Printer Customer Support.



HP Printer Customer Support

The HP print is one of the most secure cloud-based services that allows you the luxury of printing a document or image from any part of the world with an active internet connection. This works on the simple agenda of sending the document or picture you wish to print, to the printer via email. So let us look at the steps to get the print done.

  • The step would get an email address for the printer- for this first, you will have to connect the printer to the web and then generate an email address for the printer.
  • Printers with a touchscreen display-
  1. First turn on the printer and load plain paper in the input tray of the printer. And while doing so make sure that the ink or the toner cartridge is rightly installed.
  2. Now turn on the web network- for people with a touchscreen display, touch or press the HP eprint button. Then click on the setup option. Now follow all the onscreen instruction that will assist you in turning on the web service.
  3. For people with text-based printer display, first, on the printer navigate to the web server setup. Then follow all the onscreen instruction which will again help you in turning on the web service.

In case if the web service is already enabled then click on print or print info option. This will display the printer’s email id on the control panel and an info page also gets printed along with the printer’s email address.

  • Printers without a touchscreen display-

For Android devices-

  1. Here you will have to make sure that your Android device and the printer is connected to the same wireless network.
  2. Then on your phone, download and install the HP smart app.
  3. Now on the home screen of the app click on the printer icon
  4. Then further click on advanced setting.
  5. Then go to web services and confirm that it is enabled.
  6. Now look for the HP eprint email address that is given on the info page that prints. If the info pages do not get printed then repeat the previous steps.
  • Now the second step would be print with HP eprint- now that you have the printer email id, you can, therefore, send print jobs to your printer from the computer, tablet or also from your phone.

For a print from the computer-

  1. Here use a new email id by creating a new one.
  2. Then type the printer’s email address in the ‘to’ option.
  3. Then type the subject on the space given for writing the subject of the email.
  4. Finally, attach your document or the photo you wish to print and send the email.
  5. And if you wish to print an email message then open the email you wish to print and then select the forward option. Then type the printer’s email address on the ‘to’ option.
  6. Mention the subject and then send the email.

      For prints from your smartphone-

  1. First, open the document or the photo you wish to print
  2. Then click on the action or share icon
  3. Now open the email app you wish to print from and further type your printer’s email address in the ‘to’ option.
  4. Now mention the subject and further send the email.

To print from a web page-

To able to print something from the webpage from your phone, first open the webpage you wish to print from and then save it as a document. Now, this document can be sent via email with the document as an attachment.


HP Printer Customer Support

HP Printer Customer Support

The HP Printer Customer support assuresyou the best service so that you don’t have to face any issues regarding the use of your HP printer. Call  +1-888-621-0339 to talk with the team of HP Printer customer support and get your all questions answered. It is not HP, but a third party service provider who is ready to satisfy your demands. So connect with HP Printer Customer Support and enjoy the hassle-free printing experience.

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