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A guide to troubleshoot canon printer ghosting error

Printers are an essential part of our entire office accessory. No matter what age group we belong to, we all at some point of the time have used a printer. Canon Printers have established a global market and is used by people all over the world. But over the years the printer might face a few issues and ghosting of printers is one of the most commonly seen printer problems. So today we will look into ways that will help you solve the issue of ghost printing. If you come across any problem while following the steps mentioned here then contact Canon Printer Customer Support.



When we are trying to print an important document at the office one of the most frustrating issues can be the problem of ghosting. This problem is generally seen within laser printers. This result in faded prints and the details of pictures is usually absent. But usually, the problem of ghosting is seen in older printer models. Generally on seeing a ghost print people usually start to believe that the printer is broken. But that is not always true. It is caused by many simple causes and can be easily resolved. One of the main causes of ghosting is when the drum or the fuser unit within the printer faces an issue. As such fault will heat up the toner particle enough to create proper prints. Therefore the prints are much lighter and more faded. For more information on the cause of the ghosting contact Canon Printer Customer Support.



Canon Printer Customer Support

Here are some techniques that can be useful in preventing and repairing a ghost printer. They are as follows-

  • Storing – the condition in which a printer is stored can largely affect the quality of the components of the printer. It is always advised to keep the printer in a dry area with less humidity. As places with high humidity can affect the toner powder and cause it to clump. And such clumped toner particles and cause ghosting in the printers.
  • Cleaning- the best way to maintain the printer in a good condition is by keeping it clean. Doing so will reduce the chances of the printer to break down. Always make sure that the dust around the printer is cleaned at regular interval. And if your printer model offers an option to run a cleaning cycle then do it. As doing this will ensure that excess toner powder is not sticking to the drum unit.
  • Paper type- the kind of paper that is used while printing plays an important role in determining the quality of the print. Always ensure that the paper that you are using for printing is compatible with the printer. In case if you are using a different quality paper with different thickness it is important to change the setting of the printer before using it. For more information on the kind of paper that should be used in your printer and the right settings for the system contact Canon Printer Customer Support.
  • Drum unit- the drum unit is also one of the most important components of the printer and largely influences the ghosting of the printer. For this, the first thing you have to do is locate the drum unit of the printer. Then open the printer and take a look at it. If you feel that the drum unit of the printer has reached the end of its life then do consider replacing it. But in case if the drum unit is new and is built into the toner cartridge then you will have to replace the toner or repair it.
  • Fuser unit- as one of the most commonly seen reasons for printer ghosting is the issue with the fuser unit’s temperature control thus you might have to check the fuser unit too to fix the error. Now depending on the setting of the printer, you might be able to change the temperature of the fuser unit. But if that is not possible then you can help from a professional by contacting Canon Printer Customer Support.

Thus as you can see that the issue with ghosting can be easily solved by keeping the printer in the right condition. All you have to is to take proper care of the printer.


Canon Printer Customer Support

Canon Printer Customer Support

The Canon Printer Customer Support works all round the clock to provide you with the right solution for your printer. A team of professional at dial printer support makes sure that all your queries are answered and you the best service possible. For any assistance in the future, call +1-888-621-0339.

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