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A review on the wireless Brother Printer TS error

You might have followed all the requisite steps to set your Brother printer on the wireless network, yet the printer still fails to connect and displays TS error codes on the LED screen. For any issue related to your brother printer, you can also take the help of Brother Printer Customer Support.

What to do?

  1. Take out a print of the WLAN report:
  • Select the Menu button from the control panel of the printer.
  • Select Print Reports using the up or down arrows and click OK.
  • Now select the WLAN report and press OK and Start.

You will get the print out of the network report after some time in which will be mentioned the status of the wireless connection and the TS error code.

  1. Report Analysis:
  2. If the report shows that the connection is active and yet you are unable to print you could try the following :
  • Restart your Brother printer and router.
  • You might have entered the wrong network password. So feed it again.
  • Using the Network Connection Repair Tool, locate and update the Brother Printer’s IP address with the printer driver.Brother Printer Customer Support
  • The printer may not be able to connect to the correct SSID of your wireless router. Configure the correct Network name and connect it again.
  • This should solve your connection error and start printing.
  • If the report shows that the Brother Printer is not in an active connection to the wireless network and displays TS error codes, you can try the following for all kinds of errors as follows:
            ERROR                  CAUSE                                                 SOLUTION
            TS-01 Wireless setting is disabled. Make sure that the connection of your router is enabled and then turn ON the wireless setting on your printer.
           TS-02 The router is not being detected. 1. Ensure that the router is  ON.

2. Ensure that the printer is within the range of the wireless network.

3. If the router has MAC address filtering, make sure that this configuration is allowed on the Brother printer.

4. You might have entered the wrong security details(SSID or Network password ), therefore check it and feed it again.

            TS-03 Mismatch of the wireless network with the security details. Make sure that you enter the correct Network Name and Encryption Key/Network password key on both the printer as well as on the wireless router. If you are unable to get a hold of the router’s details, you can contact the router manufacturer or your Internet system provider or can refer to the beginner’s guide that came with the device.


You can also check if the router is in stealth mode, in case of which the printer won’t be able to detect it automatically.

            TS-04 The Brother printer doesn’t support the authentication mode encryption method of the access point. The authentication and encryption method supported by the Brother printer is:

WPA-Personal      : TKIP & AES

WPA2-Personal    : AES & WEP

OPEN                       : WEP & None(without encryption)

Shared key               : WEP


For Windows 8 or earlier version(ad-hoc mode):

The printer supports the OPEN authentication with WEP encryption only. So change the methods for your wireless router accordingly.

              TS-05 Incorrect SSID and Password Make sure that the uppercase or lowercase style of the SSID or Password(if any) is correctly maintained and entered. If your router uses different WEP keys, only refer to the first one.
             TS-06 Incorrect security information or network password Refer to solutions of TS-04 and TS-05 for network password respectively.
            TS-07 WPS enabled access point cannot be detected by the printer Look out for the WPS symbol on your router.


If there is the provision, configure both the printer and wireless router through WPS mode.

           TS-08 Multiple WPS enabled routers Make sure that only one wireless router within the device’s range has its WPS enabled and then connect after some time to avoid interference from other access points.

Brother Printer Customer Support

Brother Printer Customer Support

This has probably solved your wireless connection setup with the printer and removed the prompt message of TS error codes from the LED screen. If you further want intricate guidelines to solve this problem or has a different issue with the connectivity, you can reach us at Brother Printer Customer Support for the 24×7 toll-free services at +1-888-621-0339. Unlike other third-party printer supports Brother Printer Customer Support does not engage in any kind of hidden charges rather provide a money refund policy if the customers are not satisfied with the service wholly.



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