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We are becoming totally dependent on technology nowadays. From waking up in the morning to falling asleep, our life is driven by the technology. The printer is also a technical device that is becoming an important part of our offices. We use it to print or scan our documents in our official work. There are various types of printers are available in the market. Canon also one of those companies who offer us good quality printers. If you are also one of those Canon printer users, for any canon printer issue, you can take the help of Canon Printer Support.

A printer is a technical device; some technical issues attack it from time to time. Canon printers also have to go through technical issues from time to time. There are various error codes through which canon printers have to go. Error 5B00 is also one of those errors that occur in the canon printers. In this blog, we will discuss the way by following which step by step we can troubleshoot the error 5B00 in the Canon printer. If, after following this way also you are unable to fix this error in your Canon printer, you can take the help from Canon Printer Support.

Canon Printer Support

What is canon printer error 5B00?

Canon printer is good in quality but as it is a machine, it also has to face some technological issues from time to time. Error 5B00 is also an issue occurs in the Canon Printer which means waste ink counter reset. You can get this error message when the yellow and orange light flashes alternately.

Fix Canon printer error 5B00 step by step

You can solve this issue by resetting the waste ink absorber in your canon printer. You can troubleshoot the printer error code 5B00 by following the steps given below;

  • In the first step, you have to turn the printer off
  • Now, you have to press and hold the resume button which is a triangle inside the circle.
  • Along with that, you also have to hold the “power” button also. Now, you can see a green led light come on

Canon Printer Support

  • After that, you have to release the resume button and keep pressing the power button. Now, press the resume button again for twice. You can see that green button becomes amber and then turn green again.
  • Now, the “power” button should be released by you.
  • Next, you have to rearrange the counter absorber.  For that, you have to click at the resume button four times. Next, to that, you need to press the power button so that you can confirm the action of resetting the counter absorber.
  • In the last step, you have to turn your canon printer off and turn on it again.

So, by following the steps mentioned above, maybe you are able to fix the Canon printer error 5B00. If still, you are not able to fix this issue, you can also take help from the team of Canon Printer Support.

Canon Printer Support

Canon Printer Support

Call at +1-888-621-0339 to talk with the team of Canon Printer Support. The members of Canon Printer Support are always there to help you in resolving any kind of issues related to the canon printer. So, they can also help you in resolving error 5B00. To help the customers, the members of canon printer are available all the time. The expert team of Canon Printer Support tries best to satisfy the customer because they believe a satisfied customer can turn to be a returning customer. To offer you the service, Canon Printer Support never takes any hidden charges from the customer. Besides that, if the customer is not satisfied with the service he or she can ask for the money back. To enjoy the service of Canon Printer Support, you don’t have to go anywhere as the members of Canon Printer Support assist you to solve the issue over the phone. They also can help you by accessing your remote location if you are still unable to solve the issue and also they take utmost care of the customers’ privacy. So, to enjoy the best customer service, stay connected with Canon Printer Support.

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