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Fix “Device Setup Failure” Message While Installing HP Printer | Call +1-888-621-0339

One of the most common issues that are faced by people using Hp printers is the “Device setup failure” while installing a printer. So to fix the problem you can follow the steps mentioned here. For further information and queries, you can call in the number +1-888-621-0339 and talk to our Hp Printer Support. In such cases, the following conditions happen-

  • A message is displayed which says that the device setup failed to complete.
  • The plug and play device installation does not get initialized.


Troubleshooting the issue

HP Printer Support

For troubleshooting the problem that is associated with the device setup message failure there are numbers of steps that should be followed. If it becomes difficult for you to understand and follow it then calling HP Printer Support is advisable. So following the steps given below to fix the error-

Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable-

HP Printer Support

  • First, begin with disconnecting the USB cable from both the printer and the computer
  • After waiting for about five seconds reconnect the USB cable
  • Ensure that connection of the USB cable is fine
  • Then try to reinstall again

Test the USB connection

For testing the USB connection, connect the USB cable to the different port of the computer. So move the USB cable to another port. Now restart the computer and the printer and try to install it again. If you come across any difficulty while testing the connection then contact HP Printer Support.

Try a different USB cable

Many a time the fault is with the USB cable. To make sure that the connection is fine to use a different USB cable.  And then try to reinstall it.

Remove all additional USB devices

If there are a number of USB devices that are connected to the computer then there might not be sufficient power supply for all the ports.

  • For this disconnect all the devices from the computer except for the basic essentials, such as the mouse, keyboard, and the printer.
  • Then try to reinstall it again
  • If by removing all the other devices helps to solve the problem when installing a powered hub is advisable. For more information on the power hub, you can contact HP Printer Support. For technical help, you can reach out to HP Printer Support.

Reset the printer

  • If the computer off then turns it on
  • Now wait for the printer to become idle and silent
  • Now that the printer is on, you can disconnect the power cord from the printer
  • Then unplug the cord for the power from the power socket
  • Wait for about 60 seconds before you proceed with the further steps
  • Now reconnect the cord for power to the printer. If you face any difficulty following the steps, contact HP Printer Support.
  • And turn on the printer

Refresh the device manager

  • In the computer search the windows and then click on the device manager
  • Then click on the right arrow that is present next to the entries and look for your printer in the entire given list (printer, print queues, another device etc).
  • If a yellow exclamation mark appears you can continue with the following advice. If it does not appear then skip to the next step.
  • Now right click on the exclamatory sign and then click on the driver software update.
  • Then follow all the on-screen instruction and refresh the device manager.
  • And repeat the steps for all the entries. For any difficulty in following this step, you can contact HP Printer Support.

Uninstall the HP driver

  • First if necessary, disconnect the USB cable from the printer
  • Then in the windows open the control panel
  • Now click on the programs and features
  • From the list of installed programs now click on your HP Printer model and then press the uninstall option
  • Now follow all the on-screen instruction and complete the removal of the software.
  • Finally, restart the computer.

Reinstall the HP driver

HP Printer Support

  • Begin by turning on the printer
  • If needed then disconnect the USB cable from the printer.
  • Then download the software and driver for your system and if required you can contact HP Printer Support for help.
  • If you see a ‘let’s identify the product to get started’ message being displayed on your screen then click on the printer option. Put in your HP Printer model number and then click on the submit option.
  • If you are willing to change your operating system then click on the change option and get the required changes done. For queries, you can contact HP Printer Support.
  • Now under the driver heading click on the download or click on the basic driver for driver options.

Enable the startup programs

  • First, search the windows for ‘msconfig’ and then click on the msconfig.exe from the list of results
  • If the system asks for any kind of permission then click on continue.
  • Then in the system configuration window click on the button that is beside the normal startup.
  • Now presses on apply and then choose OK
  • When the message to restart the computer will display on your screen click on the restart option.

Following the steps mentioned should help you fix the issue with your HP printer.

Call +1-888-621-0339 for HP Printer Support

HP Printer Support

For any kind of help regarding your printer, you can contact HP Printer Support. If the issue is not solved by following the steps mentioned above then call our number +1-888-621-0339. We are always there to help you and to fix all your printer issues.

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