It can be really frustrating if you are devoid of time and have loads of document to print and at the exact point of time, even your printer jams the halfway through the printed document. Believe me, scratching and pounding your head won’t do any good but rather try diagnosing the underlying issue through this all-time essential list to bring you out of this fix. You can also take the help of HP Printer Customer Support to resolve the issue with your HP printer.

What exactly causes paper jam and how to prevent it –

HP Printer Customer Support


This is usually the prime reason resulting in paper jams because a lot can go downhill if the pages are not aligned properly in the input tray, or even when you have inserted folded or frayed paper. Another reason of paper jams is if you overload your paper tray because the design of the printer allows the roller to pick up pages from a certain height and when you diminish that threshold, you’ll have to face the havoc.

HOW TO PREVENT– Make sure that you only input pages in the tray so that the roller distance is maintained and also ensure to arrange and align it before putting it inside. Plus keep it in mind that the input tray size is set according to the paper size.



Often we end up using cheap quality of pages just for the sake of saving a few bucks, but what we don’t realize is that we end up spending more to troubleshoot the printer for its paper jamming issue.

HOW TO PREVENT– The foremost precaution that you can take is using the same quality of paper for a single document, provided it is of satisfactory and compatible quality. Generally, thin printing papers create more problems.



This is another quintessential part of a printer through which sheets are lifted from the input tray. But over time, wear and tear also disrupt the functionality of the roller ultimately malfunctioning the printer. HP Printers are usually not susceptible to roller damages especially the HP 4000 series printers which are considered to be rock solid but even they fall prey to the deteriorating action.

HOW TO PREVENT– Although this problem is mainly caused by a natural cause yet you can delay the process by keeping at bay from overloading your tray and clearing off the previous paper jams so that bits of torn paper does not get engaged in future use.


How can you get yourself out of this fix-

Always approach the rear of the printer when aiming to clear out a paper jam. You can remove the rear entry plate or just refer to the manual that came along with your model.

Never lift the front of the printer while it still has paper jammed. Rather try to aim for the loose bits of torn paper that are lying on the input tray so that they do not mess with future actions.

HP Printer Customer Support

Although most of the times paper jamming can be cleared out by following these steps, if you are still not able to pursue it, you can feel free to contact HP Printer Customer Support who is available at your hour of need any hour of the day and any day of the year. HP Printer Customer Support provides toll-free services at +1-888-621-0339 and you can also write to them at or live chat on our website to get instant and highly efficient solutions to your paper jamming problems. The high-end services of HP Printer Customer Support, offered by the technicians are available to you on a monthly or a yearly basis during which you can avail free of cost and also you can walk out of this subscription as and when you feel. The team of HP Printer Customer Support works under the motto “To never stop trying”, therefore to bring a smile on your face, failing which HP Printer Customer Support has their refund policy which they strictly abide by until the technicians succeed in resolving the issue.

HP Printer Customer Support

At times another constraint faced during this procedure is that HP Printer Customer Support fails to offer the complete solution over the phone in which case their technicians get hold of your device remotely, but there is no need to worry as HP Printer Customer Support carry out the process only with the complete consent of the customer.

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