Fixing Poor quality print in HP laserjet printer (Call 1-888-621-0339)

The printer is becoming a common part of our life which like other technological devices is making our life easy and smooth. HP printers are globally used printers which can offer you the best service. But like other technological devices, you may have to face technical issues with hp printer also. Poor print quality is one of the most common issues that you may have to face while using the HP laserjet printer. In this situation, to get help for HP printer support, call 1-888-621-0339. The HP printer support team will help you to solve the problem of your HP printer.

The symptoms and causes of poor quality print

Before going to the solutions for poor printing quality of HP laserjet printer, we have to know the symptoms and causes for it. Then only we will be able to know how to solve those problems. The poor quality printing means when you are not able to get the printed version of a document in a clean and neat condition. So, if the printing quality of your HP printer is poor, you may get Character shadow in the paper; Crocked or shrewd output, Curled of wavy paper etc. The poor quality of printing also can affect the printed words also. You may get Character shadow; Dull, faded or wavy text; Water droplets on the printed pages; etc. In short, when you get any problem of the printed version of your document, it is because of the poor quality printing. To get help for HP printer support, you can call 1-888-621-0339.

HP printer support

  • Every event happens because of a cause. The poor quality printing also has various causes which we discuss below;
  • You may have to experience poor printing quality because of the poor quality of the paper. It is one of the most common causes.
  • If your printer is not properly connected with the printer or the switchboard, then also you may have to experience the problem of poor quality printing.
  • If your media guides are too tight or lose, it may also deliver you Crooked or skewed output.
  • When the fuser temperature of your printer is too high, then also it can cause the poor quality printing.
  • If the toner fuser of your HP printer needs adjusting, then also you may get curled or wavy paper.
  • Print cartridges are also important parts of printing. If the print cartridges are empty or damaged, it also can deliver you poor quality printing.
  • If the pickup roller of your printer is dirty, you may get dropped out text in your printing.
  • You may also get fuzzy, blurry or bold areas in your printing if your printer is in an extreme humidity condition or it is exposed to the environment.
  • When the input tray is not correctly in place, then also you may get poor quality printing.
  • You may get vertical lines in the printed paper if your paper cartridge is damaged or scanner is dirty.

How to fix poor print quality in HP printer

Regularly clean and service your HP printer

To get high-quality printing, regularly clean and service your printer. Take care of your printer so that the dust cannot go in the printer. Take care of the toner cartridges also because they have a very important role in printing.

Keep spare cartridges safely

As we know that toner cartridges can be damaged easily, so, we should keep them in original packaging condition. You should handle it as directed by the manufacturer.

Use high-resolution graphics file (for image)

To get the best quality image printing, use high-resolution graphics file for your photos. Don’t use reduced-size images and graphics to print.

Adjust the settings in a high resolution

Get the best quality of printing; adjust the application settings and the printing setting at the highest resolutions. For that, you can set the dpi between 72 to 2400. you can adjust both of the settings in the print menu.

HP printer support

Use high-quality paper

Most of the times, we have to get low-quality printing because of the poor quality of the paper. So, to get the best printing quality, use the best quality paper. For that, it is best to use manufacturer recommended quality of the paper.

Control the print speed

Print speed has an important role in color saturation. So, to improve the quality of a laser printer, adjust the speed of it. Generally, the standard speed should be from 5 to 10 pages in 1 minute.

Protect the printer from excessive heat

If your printer is situated near the source of heat, it can reduce the quality of printing. So, try to ensure the printer is away from the source of heat like a computer, CRT monitors etc. which can produce heat.

Don’t keep your printer in moisture and humidity

Excessive moisture and humidity can also degrade the quality of printing. So, try to keep your printer in a cool and dry place.

Use the quality product for your printer

Always use the latest version of the products for your printer which are provided by the manufacturer of the printer. Then you can get the best quality of printing.

Call 1-888-621-0339 to get HP printer support

HP printer support

To get the right solution for your HP printer, you can call 1-888-621-0339 to get HP printer support. The team of HP printer support is always working to provide you the right solution for your HP printer. You just have to dial 1-888-621-0339 and ask your queries and they help you with their best. HP printer support team is always ready to help you

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