How to enable duplex printing on the HP printer: HP Printer Tech Support

Printers we use basically to get the printed version of our documents. Along with printing, nowadays, printers come with the capacity to be used for multipurpose. Now, along with printing, with the help of printers now you can scan or fax your documents also. With the growing technology, the printers are also coming to us with new and upgraded technology. There are lots of companies who are producing printers. Among all those printers, HP or Hewlett-Packard is a known name for the users.  For any issue related to the HP printer, you can take help from the team of HP Printer Tech Support.

HP printers are accepted by people in the worldwide for its good quality. There are some settings in printers which you have to enable by yourself. Duplex or double-sided printing is one of those settings which you have to enable by yourself. Here, we are going to discuss how to enable the duplex printing in the HP printer.

What is duplex printing?

Duplex printing is a special feature that exists in some of the computer printers and multi-function printers. This feature allowed the user to print on both sides of the paper. Printers without this feature can print only in one side of the paper which is known as single-sided printing or simplex printing. This feature of duplex printing is very helpful when you have a shortage of paper. Most of the HP printers also have this feature. So, here we discuss how to enable duplex printing in the HP printer. To do that, you can take help of the user manual also which came with your printer. HP Printer Tech Support is also there to help the HP printer users when they face any kind of issue related to the printer.

Step by step procedure to turn on duplex printing on your HP printer

Enabling the duplex printing settings in the HP printer is not a tough task. You just have to follow the procedure which is described below;

  • First, you have to load the paper in the paper tray which you need to do the print job.
  • Now, in the device with which your printer is connected, you have to open the document which you need to be printed.
  • Next, you have to expand the option from “File” and then click on the “Print”.HP Printer tech Support
  • After that, you are asked to pick the name of the device.
  • Then, you need to go to the Printer Properties where you have to select either Properties or Printer Setup.
  • Now you see that the window of Document Preferences will appear
  • Here, you have to move to the Layout option and then select the tab which is saying Features/Finishing.
  • Next, you need to expand the menu for two-sided printing.
  • Here, you have to select the option of Binding Flip so that you can choose the layout of booklet or tablet.
  • Now click OK and you can print hereafter.
  • In the next step, you have to remove the printed first pages from the output tray and then align those pages.
  • Now, again you have to put the printed first pages on the input tray
  • Then you can start printing again and thus you can get printed both sides of your pages with your HP printer.

By following this procedure, you can easily enable duplex printing in your HP printer. It is best to enable this setting by following the user manual which came with your printer as sometimes the settings are different in different printers. To solve your HP printer related issues, you can take help from the team of HP Printer Tech Support also.

HP Printer Tech Support

HP Printer Tech Support

With the help of HP Printer Tech Support, you can easily enable the duplex printing setting in your HP printer. Along with this, HP Printer Tech Support also can help if you face any issue which is related to the HP printer. If you want to talk with the team of HP Printer Tech Support, you can call at +1-888-621-0339.

The plus point of taking the service HP Printer Tech Support is that to enjoy their service you don’t have to carry your printer to anywhere. HP Printer Tech Support members’ only aim is to satisfy the need of the customer. They try their best to satisfy the customers because they think the satisfied customers will return to them as the returning customers. No hidden charges are taken by the team of HP Printer Tech Support to offer services to offer customer support. To enjoy the service of HP Printer Tech Support at a minimal price by subscribing to their monthly or yearly packages. So, stay connected with HP Printer Tech Support and you can get answers to all your question related to the HP printer.

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