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How to fix brother printer error 76

Error in printers, it is a very common problem for the users of the printer. Brother is producing good quality printers. Yet those also have to face various types of error and error 76 is also one of those errors. Here, we discuss this brother printer error in details. For any kind of brother printer issue, you can take help from Brother Printer Customer Support team also who can assist you in resolving your issue over the phone.

What is Brother Printer error 76?

Brother printer error 76 is showed by your brother printer when it becomes unable to print. It addresses you the problem which is faced by your printer. The error 76 in your brother printer is related to the measurement of rapid rise and fall of the temperature. It might be a result of when the power of the printer cut suddenly and then turned on again. Most of the time, the main board confused that the printer is in the sleep mood. Therefore it is read by the printer as a fuser error.

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Causes for the error 76 in the Brother Printer

  • When you shut down the printer suddenly or improperly from the system or laptop
  • When there are corrupted files in the home windows process files
  • The virus, spyware or any kind of malware also can cause this problem
  • Inappropriately deleting the programs also can cause this issue.
  • If there is an incomplete installation of the printer driver or any software
  • Sudden power cut
  • If there is any left piece of paper or any other object inside the printer
  • Faulty un-installation of any programme

Solution to the Brother Printer error 76

Solution 1: reset the brother printer manually

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To reset the Brother printer manually, you need to follow the process explained below. First, enter the Maintenance Mode. To do this, there are two ways:

By following the instruction below, you can be able to reset the brother printer manually. Start the process by entering the Maintenance Mode. There are two ways to do this which are as follows;

1st procedure

  • Press down the “Menu” button of the Brother printer
  • By holding down that button you have to turn on your brother printer
  • You have to wait until the display able to read Maintenance and then press the (9,9) button
  • Now, your brother printer will automatically reset

2nd procedure

  • In the second process, you have to start it by pressing the menu button, *, 2, 8, 6, 4 correctly
  • If you do it correctly, then you can see the system will display the Maintenance and then the lights on the display will start blinking
  • After that, you have to press the 9 button twice which will let your printer in exiting from the maintenance mode. Then start the normal warm-up procedure.
  • By applying this method, you may able to replace this error. If the error is still there, there is maybe the need of replacing the fuser assembly immediately.

If you are unable to remove the error 76 from your brother printer by applying the method above, you also can take the help from the team of Brother Printer Customer Support

Solution 2: Remove the paper jam if there is anyBrother printer customer support

  1. Sometimes this brother printer error 76 occurs because there is any piece of paper or any foreign object inside the printer. If this is the cause, by following the method below, you can resolve this issue.
  2. First, you have to lift the cover of the scanner and then check if there is any broken piece of paper or any foreign object got stuck inside it.
  3. If you notice any of those, remove that and then leave the scanner open.
  4. Then, you have to open a clear jam that is inside the printer so that you can remove if there is any jammed paper.
  5. After that, by closing the clear jam cover, you have to turn on the printer.
  6. Now, you have to close the scanner cover carefully and then check if the brother printer error 76 is removed or not.
  7. If the error is still there, you unplug the brother printer from the power source and then wait for 3 to 4 seconds and then again plug it in again. To check the error is removed or not, print a test page.

You can solve this brother printer error 76 by taking help from the team of Brother Printer Customer Support.

Brother Printer Customer Supportbrother printer customer support

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