How to fix Brother Printer error code-30 in 3 simple ways

Brother Printer error code – 30 is a technical error that occurs most of the time in brother printer. This error makes the print work slow. The work process becomes slow and users find it difficult to perform a printing job. This error can troubleshoot with the help of Brother Printer Support. Brother Printer Support is a team that helps out the customers with their queries. Brother Printer is a well-known printer that is popular among the market worldwide. People love these printers because of its high-quality print and good printing features. At times, technical error troubles up to the quality of the printer. The technical device is likely to get affected by technical errors because of its daily use. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the cause and solution of the brother printer error code – 30.


What are the causes of Brother Printer error code – 30?

There can be many causes for an error to occur in the printer. In this blog, we will discuss some of the reasons. Nowadays a technical device is important for everyone. With a technical device, the work process becomes a lot easier. One such technical device is a printer. This machine helps in printing out documents, scan images and documents, and fax documents. This becomes impossible if a technical error occurs in the printer. It slows down the work process. There are some reasons for Brother Printer error code – 30 that troubles up to the printer. The reasons are:

  • This error occurs due to the print head cartridge fails that comes back to its home position to the far right of the unit.
  • This error can also occur if the mechanisms on each side of the carriage are out of place.
  • The third reason for the error to occur in the printer is due to the cartridge covers that are not locked in a proper manner in a place.

These are the reasons that trouble up to the brother printer with this error. If this error is not removed immediately then it can affect the printer in a big way. We will now discuss the solutions to troubleshoot the Brother Printer error code – 30.

Guidelines to fix up Brother Printer error code – 30: Brother Printer Support Contact


It is very important to fix up the error as soon as possible or it can damage the printer. In this blog, we will now discuss the three guidelines to fix up the error. The following guidelines are as follows:

Guideline 1:

In this process, the user will need to open up the cover of the printer and find out the buttons on the left and right side of the printer. Shift the print head to the center. Now, check out if there is any dirt, dust or bits of paper present inside the printer.

Guideline 2:

In this second guideline, hold the scanner cover by using the tabs of the cover. Now place it on the left or right side of the printer. Next, slide the print head over to the right side under the cover to confirm cleaning up the whole encoder strip. Now, clean up the encoder strip on both sides. Use a lint cloth and then start the process to the end clean.

Guideline 3:

In the third guideline, check the encoder strip if it’s placed or not in a proper way. If you notice the encoder strip is placed in a proper way, then open up the printer. Now reinsert the strip again. In the last step, restart the printer again and try to print a paper and check the error if it’s gone or still there.

These are the guidelines to follow to fix up the brother printer error code – 30 from the brother printer. You can also take the help of brother Printer Support team.

Brother Printer Support

brother printer error 30

Brother Printer Support is a third party service provider that helps to troubleshoot the brother printer error. To talk with the team members you can call at +1-888-621-0339. The team members will eventually help you out to troubleshoot the brother printer error over the phone. The team member does not take any hidden cost for solving out the queries of the user. Further, to receive the customer benefits you can subscribe to their monthly or yearly package provided by the team members at an affordable price.

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