How to fix Canon Printer Error 5700?

Canon Printer is the best quality printer in which the printing quality comes out to be the best.  People tend to use the Canon Printer and love its performance and features. Often, this printer also faces some of the error that makes the printing stop in the middle. Canon Printer Error 5700 is a kind of error that troubles up in the printer. When you receive the Canon Printer Error 5700 message it makes you unable to print. You can take the help of Canon Printer Support team to troubleshoot this error.

Canon Printer Error 5700 indicates that the sheet feeder needs to be replaced. This might occur due to gears in the printer or sensor might have broken or faulty. Canon Printer Error 5700 is commonly known to be the ASF can error which is mostly said as ASF can sensor error. When you notice the error occurring the gears will unable is to rotate properly. That is also making a grinding noise with five alternative blinks (SFP).

A Printer is an essential part to everyone and it is used in most of the offices to get the office work done. But in case an error occurs in the printer it becomes tough to perform printing in the printer. Without a printer, it becomes impossible to make the work easier. Though Canon Printer falls under the brand that is not affected easily due to overuse, it might get errors. This brand is known as one of the leading brands across the globe. It is popular in the market for its best performance.

Technical errors are a common thing to occur in a printer. When a technical error occurs then this you can solve. To fix your Canon Printer Error 5700 you can take the help of Canon Printer Support team where the team member is ready to help at any point of time.Canon printer error 5700

Today, in this article we will discuss the solutions to troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error 5700. The following procedures are:

Methods to troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 5700: Canon Printer Online Chat Support

There are some methods through which it will be easier to troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error 5700 and the following methods are:

1st Method: In this method, you will need to remove the Left and Right Covers and the Main Case Unit that is the main cover.

2nd Method: In the second method, you will need to remove the four mounting screws from the Chassis.

3rd Method: In the third method, you will have to remove the Main Unit from the Bottom Case.

4th Method: In the fourth method, you will have to turn on the Main Unit over (upside down) and place it in the work surface.

Canon printer error 57005th Method: In the fifth method, you will have to inspect the ASF section of the Main Unit for a gap between the white plastic guide and the Chassis. Though the size of the gap will vary. If you notice the gap is not visible then also you will have to complete the step.

6th Method: in the sixth method, you will have to disconnect the appropriate cables and replace the Logic Board from the Chassis.

7th Method: In the seventh method, you will have to loosen up the four mounting screws and also replace it. You will find the mounting screws in the logic board on the Chassis.

8th Method: In the eight methods, you will have to re-seat the white plastic guide where it can sit flush against the Chassis. In this, the tip of the white plastic guide needs to sit slightly inside the mounting screw hole. If the things get settle then the gap will no longer be present.

9th Method 9: In this ninth method, you will need to tighten the four mounting screws without causing any damage to the plastic guide to shifting.

10th Method: At last, you will need to resemble the printer and retest it.

With these methods, you will be able to troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error 5700 from your Canon printer.

Canon Printer SupportCanon printer error 5700

Canon Printer Support is a team where the team members help their canon printer users with their queries. You can call at +1-888-621-0339 and the team members will directly get in touch with you to troubleshoot your queries over the phone. They do not take any hidden charge for helping out the customers. To enjoy their service you can subscribe to their monthly or yearly package provided by the team members at an economical price. Canon Printer Support is the best service that you will receive for all your queries.

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