How To Fix Canon Printer Scanning Issues Easily

Printers have become the most used electronic device in our day to day activities be it for business purpose, office work, schools, colleges, large institutions, without the use of printers, all the important work will come to a standstill. Managing without printers seems to be quite frustrating. A printer helps in printing large and important documents, pictures in minutes without wasting much time and money. But, it is not always that printers work smoothly. Electronic devices are susceptive to malfunctions and the same is the case with the printers. Sometimes with overuse, the printer might stop working hampering the smooth working.  There can be various issues which might affect a printer such as low ink, paper jam, stuck of some foreign materials inside the printer, the problem in the printer driver, etc. Therefore, in order to resolve all the issues, Canon Printer Support provides you with the best possible service instantly.

Canon, the word itself reminds you of the most trusted and the leading printer brand. It is a leader in the world of printers and it works as the best and the most definitive one. Canon has the most effective print quality and user-friendly features that perfectly help in accomplishing all tasks in an easy and in the most convenient manner. With its most simple and perfect services, canon always renders a perfect experience.

But, at times, due to overuse, some errors might occur which is very much common for technical devices. But, solving the issues at the right time and in the right way is what matters the most.

Due to the awesome features that canon printers provide, people are most attracted and prefer to use this type of printer. But, one of the major drawbacks of a Canon printer is the problem that a user faces while scanning the documents. To utter disappointment, a person has to receive scanner error messages like 2, 140, 21 which become unbearable.


canon printer scanner

The following are the steps to resolve the scanning issues in canon printer –

  • First and the foremost, you need to connect your printer with a computer through USB power cable and then install the driver that comes with the canon printer.
  • After establishing a connection between the computer and the printer, ensure that the printer is turned on. Also, while scanning documents, ensure that the printer is turned on.
  • After completing the above step, you have to click on ‘Start’ button, then select All Programs-> Accessories-> Select Scanner & Camera Wizard.
  • Next, you have to choose scan option and after that select the canon printer which is connected to a computer and finally, click on scan option again. Thus, your picture is scanned without much interruption.
  • Lastly, you have to click on the file option and click on the save option, then one window pop-up opens where you can give a name of the scanned document and select the location where you have to save the scanned image.

The above mentioned are the steps by which you can fix the scan issues of the Canon printers.


The following are some of the error messages that occur while facing scanning issues in canon printers –

Error message: A certain error has occurred in the Scanner. You need to turn your scanner off. Else the Scanner Drover will be closed.

For resolving the above-mentioned error message, the first thing you need to do is to

  • Check whether your scanner and computer are properly connected or not.
  • Next, you need to delete the MP Drivers and thus reinstall it from Setup CD-ROM.
  • Look for damages within your printer or scanner.
  • Now restart the computer and connect your Scanner again.

Canon Scanner Error Code: 140

Error Message: Printer may be in use or a certain error has bugged the scanning process.

For the above-mentioned error message, you need to wait for the printing process to complete and then try to scan again.

Canon Scanner Error Code: 145, 155, 156, 157

Error Message: Cannot communicate with scanner due to a connectivity issue. Else it can also be possible that the Scanner is offline or turned off.

For the above error message, you should –

  • Check whether the printer or the scanner is on or not.
  • Uninstall and then reinstall MP Driver using Setup CD-ROM.
  • Check the selected application source.
  • Make sure the printer status is online.
  • Check the USB connection properly.
  • Go through the network connection and connectivity status.
  • Specify the scanner to use IJ Network Scanner Selector EX.

Canon Printer Support

Canon Printer Support

Thus, you can easily and conveniently fix the scanner issues in your Canon printer. But, even then, if you face any sort of difficulties in managing your printer device as well as the scanner, then you can directly contact at Dial Printer Support that engages Canon Printer Support. In Canon Printer Support, you can directly communicate with our professionals for all concerns related to canon printers. The skilled, highly trained and equipped teams of specialists in Canon Printer Support are always available at your service anytime. Always feel free to contact Canon Printer Support at +1-888-621-0339  for any technical assistance or visit us at

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