How to fix the error code 20 in Canon Printer

The error code 20 in Canon Printer is the message that gets display when the printer is not activated. This is a common technical default found in the canon printer. Canon Printer is said to provide the best quality prints. But when a technical error arises up it degrades the quality of the printer along with the printing process. It is important to look after the printer and its technical default. Technical issues can occur now and then, the important thing is to drive away from the technical error as soon as possible. Here, in this unit, we will discuss the issues related to the error code 20 in Canon Printer and also the solutions to fix this trouble.

Issues related to the error code 20 in Canon Printer:

error code 20 in Canon Printer

The error code 20 in Canon Printer is the technical issue that troubles up to the printer. This technical error creates a lot of disturbance in the working function of a printer. Technical errors can stop printing tasks in the middle of a printing job. There are numerous technical errors that create disturbance in the printing device. Among them is the error code 20 in Canon Printer that users find it difficult to deal with. There are three reasons that the error code 20 in Canon Printer can occur.

  • It can cause due to the absence of a printer device.
  • Clash taking place within the device manager.
  • Registry being shown up with the technical error.

A printer needs proper maintenance to have a hassle free print. But with a technical error, it becomes difficult. Let us discuss the solutions to fix the error code 20 in Canon Printer.

Guidelines to fix the error code 20 in Canon Printer:

A printer helps to print out documents, scan images and fax a document. But with technical errors, it seems difficult to do so. Technical errors need to look after very carefully or it can degrade the quality. Let us now discuss the procedures to solve out the error code 20 in Canon Printer.

Method 1:

  • Firstly, keep the printer in a turn off mode.
  • Next, you will have to wait for the printer to completely turning off.
  • Plug out the USB cables from the printer and the system that is connected with.
  • Next, turn on the printer and let it reach in its ready mode.
  • Perform a step to verify the technical error getting dismissed.

Method 2:

  • Let the printer be in ready mode.
  • Click on the start button.
  • You will need to move on the Faxes and Printer.
  • Now, check out the printer folder and change the setting into Set as Default Printer.
  • Take out the sample test by right-clicking onto Printer.
  • Now, you will have to select on the option Print Test page.
  • Once the print has been successfully carried out then the printer is now free from the technical error.

Method 3:

  • Let the printer in ready mode.
  • Now you will have to move on to the Properties section.
  • Move to the Hardware option and click o Device Manager.
  • You will have to double click on Universal Serial Bus Controllers from the Device Manager window.
  • Right click on to the Device Composite USB.
  • Click on Uninstall option and then OK.
  • Plug out the USB cable from the system that you are using.
  • You will need to plug in the USB cable into the system.
  • Now, you will have to install a new version of the USB driver.
  • Install the driver; follow up with the instruction that is being provided on the screen.
  • You will have to move to Printers folder and from there select on Start and then on Printers and Faxes.
  • Check out for the printer’s name from the list and then you can carry out a test print by clicking on Print Test Page option.

error code 20 in Canon Printer

Method 4:

  • Firstly, you will need to keep the printer ready.
  • Now, check out for the Canon Printer software being present on the screen.
  • Next, uninstall the software from the system.
  • Once the software is being uninstalled, visit the official site of Canon Printer and then download the software again.
  • Follow up the instructions and then install the software.
  • Restart the printer when the device gets ready.

Method 5:

  • Press the +R from the keyboard.
  • Type Regedit and then click on OK button.
  • Right-click to select on Permissions.
  • Check out from the Administrator to have Full Control.
  • Click on the OK option.
  • Restart the printer and then carry out a test print to ensure.

These are the followings solutions that will help you to troubleshoot the error code 20 in Canon Printer. Take the help of Canon Printer Support team.

Canon Printer Support

error code 20 in Canon Printer

Canon Printer Support comprises of expert professionals that help to solve out the technical error. You can call at +1-888-621-0339 and take the technical support from the printer. The team members work in a dedicated manner. To get the customer benefits you can subscribe to the monthly or yearly packages at an affordable price.


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