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How to fix the error code 60.02 in HP Printer

The error code 60.02 in HP Printer is a technical default that disturbs the printing process of the user. This technical error stops the work process and creates lots of disturbance. The technical error can occur at any point in time. This makes the user find difficulties in performing out the printing job. We all know that a printer plays an important role for the users working in an office. It helps to print out documents and scan images. A printer helps out to perform the printing task in a better manner. Here in this section of the blog, we will discuss the cause of the error code 60.02 in HP Printer and the solutions to troubleshoot it.

Causes related to the error code 60.02 in HP Printer:

The error code 60.02 in HP Printer is the technical issue occurring in the printer. This makes big trouble for the printer to perform printing. This technical error occurs when there is malfunctioning happening within the printing device. The malfunctioning can also occur due to the papers in the paper trays that are not being settled down in a proper manner. This makes the printing device not being able to take out its printing task. The error code 60.02 in HP Printer occurs due to these reasons. Technical errors are likely to damage the printing quality and this can only be fixed by solving out the error. Let us now discuss the solutions to troubleshoot the error code 60.02 in HP Printer.

Guidelines to troubleshoot the error code 60.02 in HP Printer:

It is important to look out for the technical errors occurring in the printer. This can save the quality of the printer from getting degraded. Let us not take much time and follow out the following procedures.

Procedure 1:

  • In the first step, the user will have to cancel out the print queues.
  • After this, the user will have to turn off the printing device.
  • Now, the user will have to take out the papers which are being placed in the paper tray.
  • The user will have to check out the torn pieces of paper to appear out within the device.
  • Carefully, take out the torn out pieces from the sides of the printer.
  • Carry, out all the papers that need to be inserting back into the paper tray.
  • Next, check out the paper size that needs to be fit within the printing device.
  • Try to take out a test print to check out the error which has dismissed out from the printing device to continue out the printing task.

Procedure 2:

  • Follow up this solution by switching off the printing device.
  • Now open up the printer cover door.
  • The user will have to check out the motor as it may appear up with the spring.
  • Next, take a look into the spring and show up to be broken.
  • Bring out the spring from the device that requires a replacement.
  • Replace the new spring with the old one and then insert it into the device.
  • Once the spring will get attached, close up the printer cover door.
  • Next, turn on the device and let the printing device to get ready.
  • Lastly, perform out a test print.

These are the solutions through which the technical issue can be solved. It is important to look after the printer troubles. To troubleshoot this technical error, the user can also take the technical support from the HP Printer Support team. The team members will help out to solve every solution of the printer.

HP Printer Support

error code 60.02

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