How to install a Brother Printer without a CD-ROM

The printer is one of the blessings of new age technology which are making our life easy and comfortable. It is becoming an important part of both office and home. Brother is a well-known manufacturer of printers. We all know that printers come with a CD-ROM with the help of which we can install the printer. But, sometimes we don’t have the CD to install it or nowadays most of the computers don’t have the CD-ROM drivers. Many of the printers do not have the CD with it and sometimes we lost the CD. But, now you don’t have to worry because, with the help of an online method, you can install your Brother Printer easily. You can call +1-888-621-0339 to get help from Brother Printer Support. They will help you to install your Brother Printer without a CD-ROM.

Download the driver from Brother Printer Support solutions center

Brother printer support

We all know that every printer has their own support website where the drivers for the printers are available and Brother Printer is no exception. So, now before beginning, you have to see the model number of your Brother Printer. Then, in the support center website, search the model number. Then you can see that the website instruct you about your printer. First, you are asked about your needs, do you need the Windows or Macintosh driver and you have to select the relevant option.

After downloading the driver, you can find it in your download folder and you have to move it to the printer’s folder. Now, the setup prompts will help you in moving to the next step; you just have to remember that the printer’s folder you can find in the control panel of the hard drive of your system

Now, you can see various setup prompts from which you have to choose the right operating system. To access all functionality and features provided by the brother printer, you can choose the full package setup and you can also select the custom setting. Now, read and agree to the user agreements so that you can continue through the setup.

Configure your Brother printer to the network

Brother printer support

Now, with installing the driver you have completed the step one. In the next step, you have to configure the network with the printer. We can see that nowadays, most of the printers have the wireless network. So, now we can print from a printer with multiple computers. So, now you have to configure your brother printer to your network so that you can get proper functions from it.

To configure your printer with your network, you have to collect the information about it which must contain the name of the network (Which is also known as SSID) and its password (Network keys or encryption key). You can get the information from the sticker at the base of the wireless router. A USB cable will also be needed in this installation process.

Brother printer support

In the next step, you have to connect your Brother Printer with power without connecting the USB cable and then switch on your computer also if it is not on yet. Now, in the computer, you have to open the printer network driver and then select the configure option to choose the “Brother Peer to Peer Network.”

You have to connect the USB cable to the printer and the computer now. A prompt will appear which suggests you change to firewall settings to make an adjustment to the antivirus software. These changes will give the printer access to the network. You should keep in mind that you have to select “Wireless Setup” so that the printer can print over the network without the need of any USB hard wire. Your network should be recognized by the driver, and then follow the other instruction which prompts for setup. After doing all these, you can unplug the USB and then test the setup. If still, you are having an issue, call +1-888-621-0339 to get help from Brother Printer Support.

Call +1-888-621-0339 to get help from Brother Printer Support

brother printer support

The team of Brother Printer Support is always ready to help you. Dial +1-888-621-0339 to get instant help from Brother Printer support team. It is a third party service provider which will help you in setting up your Brother Printer. The team of Brother Printer support assures the customers with the best service. For your queries, you can also email them at

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