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How to resolve blank paper printing issue in your canon printer (For Windows) : Call us at +1-888-621-0339

Often you must have started printing a document and your Canon printer must have delivered you blank pages. At the heat of the moment, your first concern must have been that the cartridge is probably low on ink, but what we don’t often realize is that there are a few more reasons as to why the printer is facing this issue. For instant solutions regarding this problem, you can reach out to Canon Printer Support for their 24×7 round the year service.

What are the possible reasons for blank page printing?

  1. The Bubble Jet(BJ) tank might have run out of ink.
  2. The print head nozzles might have been clogged.
  3. You could probably be printing on the wrong side of the paper or you haven’t selected the correct media type in the Printer properties.

How to resolve these issues?

You can start by checking the level of ink in the BJ tank:

Canon Printer Support

  • BJ tank is the most advanced and best-known technology of Canon which consists of microheaters in each nozzle of the print heads.
  • The ink level is either low or has completely run out in which case you need to replace it immediately to avoid shortening the life of the print head.
  • Ensure that the Multipass of the printer is turned ON and then open the document tray.
  • Now to open the printer cover, lift the lever.
  • Lift the blue colored cartridge lock lever and remove the BJ tank.
  • Now take out the new cartridge from its packaging.
  • First, remove the orange protective tape and then the protective tape.
  • Discard the cap and tape and immediately insert it into the cartridge holder.
  • Press down the blue lock lever so as to lock the BJ tank.
  • Press for some time on the two orange tapes and then remove it from the cartridge.

Check for the clogging of the print head nozzles:

  • Start by printing a Nozzle Check Pattern. This ensures if the ink is being continuously ejected from the print head nozzles and whether the latter is correctly aligned.
  • Under the Start menu, select Settings and then click on Printers. (For Windows XP user, click Start>Control Panel>Printers and other hardware>Printers and Faxes)
  • Choose the model of your Canon printer and click OK.
  • When you receive the pattern report check for the liner pattern as in the top four patterns without having any alphabets and ensure that no line is missing.
  • But if there is a missing line, this indicates that you need to clean the print head.
  • For cleaning, under the Start menu, select Settings and then click on Printers.
  • Select your model and then click on Properties.
  • Under the maintenance tab, click on the Deep cleaning button and click OK.
  • Once the cleaning procedure has started, the Power lamp of the printer will continuously flash.
  • Make sure you do not interfere with the printer during this process and wait until the light stops blinking.

Take out a print of the Nozzle Check Pattern again and see if the results are fine.

Canon Printer Support

If not, then you might have to do a deep head cleaning of the print nozzle.

  • For deep head cleaning, under the Start menu, select Settings and then Printer.
  • For Windows XP user, Start>Control Panel>Printer and other Hardware>Printers and faxes.
  • Select your model of the Canon printer.
  • Then open the maintenance tab and select the Deep Cleaning icon.
  • Click on the Cleaning icon and then OK.
  • You will come to know if the process has started if the power lamp is flashing continuously.
  • It usually takes about 1-2 minutes until the power lamp stops blinking.
  • Run a Nozzle Check Pattern again and see for the results.
  • If the head is clean, you are good to go.
  • Perform another deep head cleaning if it is not.
  • If the problem still persists, you might consider changing the bubble jet ink tank.

Canon Printer Support

Canon Printer Support

For further queries regarding this problem, you can contact Canon Printer Support for their round the year toll-free services at +1-888-621-0339. The shining feature of Canon Printer Support, which is a third party support, is that there is no hidden charge. Moreover, the customers are provided monthly and yearly subscriptions by Canon Printer Support during which they can avail to free services of their printers.



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