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How to resolve Canon Printer error 1702

Canon Printer error 1702 is a kind of error that disturbs the printing function of a canon printer. This is a technical error that occurs in the printer. Technical errors are in common to the printer. Canon Printer error 1702 is one such error that slows down the work process of a canon printer. Canon Printer stands out to provide the best quality print. It is popular in the market across the globe. Canon Printers are best when it comes to printing function. But, technical errors can degrade the quality of this printer. It is important to troubleshoot the error as soon as possible. If technical errors are kept for a long period of time then it can degrade the quality of the print. To avoid the technical error let us first discuss the cause of it and then the solutions.

Reasons behind Canon Printer error 1702:

canon printer error 1702

Canon Printer error 1702 is a technical error mostly affecting the quality of the canon printer. You can take the help of Canon Printer Support team to drive away from this error. Technical errors can cause due to several reasons. Here, in this article, we will discuss the real cause behind the Canon Printer error 1702. This technical error can cause if the ink absorber is full. In every printer, there has an ink absorber that intakes ink during the printing job. It also intakes ink in the cleaning process of a print head. If the ink absorber gets over, it will be difficult to print. It can damage the mechanism of a printer. Let us move forward and discuss the solutions to troubleshoot the Canon Printer error 1702.

Guidelines to resolve the Canon Printer error 1702:

Technical errors can create disturbance in the work process of a user. It slows down the printing job. Users find it difficult to perform printing and gets frustrated with it. The printer is an important technical device. It is a convenient medium to perform paperwork. Errors can damage these functions and make work tougher. So, to make a hassle-free printing the printer needs to be free from technical errors. We will discuss the solutions to drive away from the error from the Canon Printer. The following processes are:

Solution 1: Press Ok

To continue the printing process, simply press the OK button. But if the error remains intact then move to the next step.

Solution 2: Reset the ink absorber

canon printer error 1702

To resolve the Canon Printer error 1702 from the printer, you will need to reset the ink absorber. To perform the steps you will need to follow some of the steps:

Firstly, switch off the printer. Press the Resume button and hold it for some time. Now you will notice a Green light flashing. Next, hold on to the power button and then release the Resume button and then press it twice. You will notice an amber light appearing. It will go green afterward. Leave out the power button. Next, you will have to press the Resume button four times and then press the power button. After this, restart the printer again and continue the printing job. If the printing process is successful then it means the printer is OK.

Solution 3: Replace the ink absorber

To solve the error, one more step to perform is replacing the ink absorber. Buy a new Canon ink absorber and then replace it. Next, replace the waste ink absorber tank. Take the help of Canon Printer Support team to help you with the process.

Canon Printer Support

canon printer error 1702

Canon Printer Support comprises of expert professionals that work to provide solutions to canon printer queries. The team member works dedicatedly and provides full support to the customers. To get their help you can call at +1-888-621-0339 and talk directly to the team members. The team members will solve the queries over the phone. The team members work for 24×7 to provide full support to their customers. They believe a happy customer is a returning customer. They do not take any hidden charge for helping out with the queries. To get the customer benefits you can subscribe to their monthly and yearly packages at an affordable price.

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