How to solve Canon printer printing blank pages issue in Macintosh

Blank page printing can really be irritating at times and to resolve this issue first you need to know what could be the possible reasons for your Canon printer to be doing so. For any other related queries regarding your Canon Printer, you can consult Canon Printer Customer Support for their 24/7 services.


  • The ink level may be less or have completely worn out in the Bubble Jet (BJ) tank.
  • The Printer properties are not correctly selected according to the type of media you are using.
  • Printing taking place on the wrong side of the paper.
  • Clogged printhead nozzles.


  1. You could start by checking the BJ ink level and if it is sufficiently low or has totally worn out, consider to replace it as soon as possible to p[revent destroying the print head.
  • To remove a BJ tank, first turn ON the Multipass of your Canon printer.
  • Open the document tray.
  • Lift the lever to open the tray cover.
  • Aim for the blue colored cartridge lever and lift it to remove the BJ tank.removing a bj tank
  • Remove the orange and protective tape from the new BJ tank.
  • Remove the cap and tape immediately after putting it inside the cartridge holder.
  • To lock the tank, press the blue lever again.
  • Now press for some time into the two orange protective tapes and then remove it from the cartridge and never attempt to keep it attached to the cartridge.

Arrange for cleaning print head nozzles:

  • Initiate by printing a Nozzle Check Pattern to check if continuous ink supply is ejected from the nozzles and whether it is aligned properly.

In OS 9.x:

  1. First, click File and then go to Page Setup.
  2. Select Utilities after which the Utility dialog box of the model of your Canon printer will appear.

In OS X v10.x:

  1. Under menu, select Applications.
  2. And then double;e click on the Utility icon and successively on the Printer Center icon.
  3. Select the model of your printer and click Select.
  • Click on Test Print from the pull-down list where the various test print options will appear.
  • Click on Nozzle Check icon after which a string of messages will follow up.
  • After reading those, click OK.
  • The print of the nozzle test pattern will be received.nozzle check pattern
  • Now look for linear patterns(like the top four lines without any alphabets) whether or not they have any lines missing or not.
  • If they do, it indicates that the print head nozzle needs a cleaning.
  • For cleaning:

OS 9.x        :   File > Page Setup > Utility Dialog > Utilities Box of your model will appear.

OS X v10.x :  Go menu > Applications > Double click Utilities > Double Click Print Center > Select        model of your printer > Configure > Highlight model

  • A pull down list will appear from where you need to click on cleaning from the various other cleaning options.
  • You can see a string message on the screen.
  • After you read those and are OK with it you can proceed to the cleaning by clicking OK>
  • Aftyer the Print head has finished cleaning , take a print out of Nozzle check pattern again just to make sure that the head has successfully been cleaned.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results, you need to arrange for a deep print head cleaning.
  • For deep head cleaning:

OS 9.x        :   File > Page Setup > Utility Dialog > Utilities Box of your model will appear.

OS X v10.x :  Go menu > Applications > Double click Utilities > Double Click Print Center > Select model of your printer > Configure > Highlight model

  • From the cleaning menu on the pull down list, you have to click on deep cleaning icon.
  • Then read and agree to the messages appeared on your screen.
  • Click OK.
  • This deep cleaning usually takes about 1-2 minutes and once the cleaning is finished you can verify it by printing a report of the Nozzle Check Pattern.
  • If you receive satisfactory results, you are good to go.
  • You can further carry out a cleaning print head procedure again if you are not satisfied.
  • If still the problem persists, you might want to consider changing your BJ tank.

Canon Printer Customer Support

If you want a more detailed explanation to resolve this issue, you can call Canon Printer Customer Support for their 24×7 toll-free services at +1-888-621-0339. We, Canon Printer Customer Support, do not compromise with the quality of service we provide and ensure not to leave our customers with the prior solving of the problem. But keep on updating in the future whether the problem has recurred again. Canon Printer Customer Support team is always ready to help the customers by providing best service.



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