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How to troubleshoot brother printer no print issue

Over the years computer and printers have become one of our close buddies. Their small and compact size has been a huge factor in making it popular in both personal and office uses. Now people with a wide range in age group finds their use from computers. Documentation and getting hard copies of anything we want is possible in just a click of a button. We can rely on them for all our office and project works. After spending hours on completing a task before the deadline in the office or after a last minute project preparation, having a printer that won’t print can be frustrating. You can that the help of  Brother Printers customer support, in resolving the issues.



A lot of factors are responsible that makes your printer inefficient to print. Some of the basic factors that affect the working of the printer are not having enough pages in the tray, if there isn’t enough ink in the cartridge and if your wireless printer isn’t connected to the network. Some of the other problems that can be associated with your printer not being able to print are-

  • The issue with your driver- a device driver helps the computer to communicate with the operating system. if the printer’s driver is not installed or if it has a malfunctioning driver it will largely affect the working of your printer.
  • Stuck printer spooler- when we print a document, the data gets temporarily stored in the computer. But when the windows print spooler stops working it affects the printer and thus the printer stops responding. The issue can be resolved by restarting the spooler services. This can be done by following this steps- first, click “start”, then type “services” in the box provided. Then click on services as the result shows up. Then right-click on “print spooler” and further click on “restart”.
  • Overuse- every printer comes with a monthly recommended page volume. This information can be found in the manual provided by brother printers. It is advisable to use the printer within the specified limits, on constant overusing it, it can cause jamming of the pages or causing troubles with the internal parts.
  • When your wireless printer is unable to print, then try to network the printer. So a wireless printer works by using your home network. When you see its causing trouble, trying to reset the network is the best thing to do. If your network is connected to a number of the systems, then the hanging of one device can affect the other devices as well. But never reset a system to factory default. After you reset it, try to print your pages once again.
  • If it still doesn’t work, try to start everything afresh. Switch off the printer and try to restart it again

  • Sometimes you might have to install new drives in the printer to make it function properly
  • Also, try printing a test sheet from the printer. With a wireless printer, this will mainly contain information about the network and the printer, mainly its IP address, type of network, the URL and maybe some other additional information. If needed go through the manual of the device and know how the how the local test print is done. Once this is done make sure that the printer is connected to the network by checking the IP address. If the IP address starts with 169, it indicates that the printer was unable to connect with the network.
  • Whereas the printers that are connected by USB are easier to troubleshoot. Start by checking the basic information like if the printer is connected to the USB or if the computer is turned on. On a Mac computer you can check the printer and scanner menu, whereas, in windows, you can check on the printer from the control panel. If there is a need to install your printer, then you can do so by adding a device and following the steps shown by your computer.
  • If you are still not able to fix the problem then try disconnecting the device and try to reconnect the USB cable.


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