How to troubleshoot paper jam error from brother printer?

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Today all most everyone finds the use of a computer in their life. It has come as a boon in our life, making documenting data easier. And all most everyone with a computer owns a printer. Printers have made things so easy. With just a click the hard copy of your data comes in your hand. And adding to its popularity is its compact and small size, which makes it very easy to keep it in any space. There are different kinds of printers depending on your usage, basic printers usually find in place in homes while the one with more advanced usage you can find in offices. Brother printers are one such brand that provides you a wide range of printers. They have been winning the hearts of many over 109 years and have made an impact on over 40 countries. It is common to see the paper jam in the printers . Dial printers support with Brother printer tech support is always there round the clock to help you with any computer related issue, you can, therefore, get the answer to all your quarries just by calling +1-888-621-0339.



Jamming of paper has become a very common issue in printers. You can notice it when the printer becomes awry. Most of the times when a paper gets jammed while printing, the printer flash a signal indicating the problem. Sometimes your computer will show you some diagnostic advice to correct the problem. By following those steps would help you with the problem. Some of the basic steps that you can follow to stop your paper from jamming in the printers are as follows-

  • Turn off your computer- in some cases, there might be a need to open the printer and check its interior, thus in such cases switching off your computer is the best thing to do. Also, while working with laser printers, there is a fair chance of the paper to get jammed near the fuse. Therefore, waiting for the fuse to cool down and then staring of the work is advisable otherwise you will feel the heat.
  • Open all ways that lead to the paper path- if it becomes difficult for you to figure out what has actually caused the jam then trying removing the paper tray and follow the paper all the way up to the output tray.
  • Pull out the paper sheet and scraps carefully- firmly and carefully remove the paper sheet and scraps from the output tray. Always remember to pull the paper in the direction in which the paper goes in, do not pull it back as it may strain the printer. While taking off the paper, make sure to take out all the small scraps from the printer as it may cause further jamming of the printer in future uses.
  • Close all ways and return back to your printer- after clearing up the jammed printer, close all the ways that you had previously opened to remove the scrapes. On switching on the printer, it will automatically reset itself. In case the printers report that it is stilled jammed recheck the printer for the presence of any leftover scraps.
  • Ensure that the cartridge can move properly- after disconnecting the printer from the power carefully remove the ink cartridge. Then without removing the drawer, remove all the paper and scrap from the loading tray. After that use your fingers to rotate the rollers for three rotations towards the top of the printer. Then replace the rear access door, followed by replacing the ink cartridge and turning on the printer.



  • It is advisable to use only a single kind of paper at a time. Do not put a different kind of papers together while printing documents.
  • Check your printer’s documentation while putting a specific kind of paper
  • While loading papers on the input tray, pay attention to the trays need. Like if the tray needs any adjustments with the paper
  • Most of the printers by brother printers have to drop down section where you can put in your paper details, like the kind of paper you are using, the measurement and the thickness of the paper etc. therefore providing the printer with the necessary information will prevent the paper to get jammed in the printers.


Brother Printer Tech Support


Brother Printer Tech Support

Brother Printer Tech Support is a one-stop for your entire Brother printer related issues. The Brother Printer Tech Support works hard to satisfy the customer so that you return back to them. You can talk with Brother Printer Tech Support by calling at  +1-888-621-0339. To talk with them you can call at any time of the day. There is no hidden fee taken from you and if you want to enjoy free service, you can also get the monthly or yearly subscription of Brother Printer Tech Support.

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