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Desktop computers are the inseparable part of our life in today’s digitalized world. It is the key to modern civilization and with growing time, a desktop computer is becoming advance day by day. It is used for multiple purposes and has become the necessity in every office, school, colleges, at home for business owners, large institutions, etc. The technicalities involved with it have made us completely dependent on the electronic device and thinking our life without a desktop is merely impossible.  But this electronic device is also prone to certain malfunctions which hamper the smooth and effective working. Therefore, to instantly get rid of these problems, Dial Printer Support is a one stop solution where you get instant solution to all your issues.


HP computer crashes can be caused by several factors such as driver issues, file system errors, hard drive errors, bad memory, and even heat. The following HP troubleshooting tips will help you narrow down the cause of your HP computer problems.

  • Bad drivers: Drivers can be updated automatically or manually based on your settings. If you had recently updated a driver manually, then, there is a possibility you mistakenly installed the wrong version or installed a driver for a 64-bit Operating System as opposed to a 32-bit Operating System. The best way to correct this is to go to the manufacturer’s website and search for the correct driver.  The computer manufacturers will have their drivers online for immediate download. You can then update the driver via the Device Manager. You can also use the Driver Roll-Back feature in the Device Manager. Driver Roll Back allows you to revert the driver to a previous working version. In order to do this in Windows 7, go to Start, then type Device Manager into the search box. In the Device Manager right-click on the device, then click the Driver tab. Select the Roll Back Driver button to revert the driver to its previous state.
  • Hard drive errors: A faulty hard drive can cause your computer to crash. Data written to a bad hard drive sector will cause the system to crash–especially if the file is integral to the Operating System. Therefore, in order to scan your hard drive for errors, open Computer, then right-click the C drive and select Properties. Under the Tools tab, click the Check Now button and tick the boxes for Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. The computer will need to reboot in order to perform the scan.
  • Memory problems: Computer memory, which is also referred to as RAM, can wreak havoc with a computer. Because of Windows stores a lot of important data in RAM, bad RAM can cause immediate Blue Screens of Death and errors that can cause permanent damage to the Operating System. If your system is crashing routinely, you can use the built-in memory scanner in Windows 7 to check the memory for problems. To do this, go to Start and type Windows Memory Diagnostic into the search box. When the utility launches, click the Restart now and check for problems option. Windows will run the memory scanner following the reboot.
  • Due to heat: A computer is more likely to lock-up or freeze if the system is running too hot. Make sure that your computer is located in a well-ventilated area and that all fans (including the CPU, Video card and Power Supply) are free of dirt and debris that can be causing the system to overheat. In addition, also try to arrange cables inside the case in such a way that they do not block the airflow.

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The above-mentioned points are the reasons why hp desktop crashes along with its solution. But, even then, if you face any sort of difficulties in managing your printer device then you can directly contact at Dial Printer Support that engages HP Desktop Support where you can directly communicate with our professionals for all concerns related to HP Desktop. Our skilled, highly trained and equipped teams of specialists are always available at your service anytime. Always feel free to contact us at +1-888-621-0339  for any technical assistance or visit us at  info@dialprintersupport.com


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