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Perform HP laptop Motherboard repair step by step (call +1-888-621-0339)

Nowadays, we all are surrounded by the technology and technological devices. We cannot think a life now without technology. The laptop is also one of the blessings of the technology which is making our life easier in many aspects. But as a technological device, it also has to face various types of technological issues. The damage of the Motherboard is one of those issues. The damage of Motherboard generally means it’s time to buy a new laptop. But sometimes it is not true. So we should try to repair it first. The HP laptop also has to face this problem of Motherboard issue. To repair the Motherboard, you can take the third party service provider which can help you in repairing the motherboard over the phone. Call +1-888-621-0339 to get HP laptop support.

Signs that the Motherboard is damaged

There are some signs which can indicate that the Motherboard of your HP laptop is damaged. Some of those are as follows;

  • When you are trying to boot your HP laptop and it cannot finish the function, it indicates that its Motherboard can be failed.
  • Blue screen error is a stop error which is also shown by a laptop after its Motherboard is failed or damaged.
  • When the Motherboard of an HP laptop is damaged, the laptop is randomly frozen and its hardware also stops working.
  • The Motherboard damage also affects the audio function of the laptop and the screen of the laptop also stops to work.
  • The connected devices with the HP laptop also stop working when its Motherboard is failed to perform.

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Causes of Motherboard damage

There are some causes which can cause the Motherboard damage. Some of those are as follows;

  1. The Motherboard damage is caused by the electric and voltage fluctuations. So, avoid using your laptop when the electronic connection is not stable.
  2. Dust particles, smoke, debris, etc. also can cause the damage in the Motherboard of a laptop.
  3.  The Motherboard damage also can be caused by the liquid damage.
  4. Overheating caused my fan failure
  5. When the overheating of the laptop causes the fan failure, then also the Motherboard becomes damage.
  6. Physical damage to your laptop can also be a cause of the damage of the Motherboard of your laptop.
  7. Most of the time, when the laptop becomes older, the Motherboard becomes damage.

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Repair HP laptop Motherboard

  • First, check that if your monitor is powered on or not. If you notice any lose connection, solve the issue immediately.
  • Then, check Your Graphic Hardware. If you have a graphics card connected to the Motherboard of your laptop, first pull it out and then plug in the monitor’s video cable into the motherboard. After that, you can restart your device. Your graphics card may damage which should be repaired or replaced if the laptop boots up with no issues.
  • To perform in a perfect way, the motherboard of a laptop needs RAM, Processor, Fan, and SPMS. Your laptop may have additional hardware installation which should be removed to test if it is working properly or not. After removing the additional hardware, if the laptop is working properly, there may be the problem in the additional hardware.
  • The Motherboard issue of your laptop may be caused by because of the draining of CMOS battery. To solve it, remove the CMOS battery and then to see if the problem is solved or not turn on your laptop.
  • When you RAM is dead, it also can cause the problem of Motherboard. If you have two RAM, test each of them by removing one. If you find out that RAM is the problem, then repair it or replace it.

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Call +1-888-621-0339 for HP laptop support

Not only the Motherboard issue, but there are other issues also which you have to face if you are HP laptop user. To get HP laptop technical support, call +1-888-621-0339 this can help you to solve your issue over the phone. There are many third party service providers who can help you to solve the issues of your laptop. Dial Printer Support is also one of those third party service providers. It has no relation to HP, but it can help you by providing HP laptop support. Get HP laptop support USA by calling at +1-888-621-0339.

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