Almost everyone one owning a computer today will also have a printer. The printer is a boon of modern technology to mankind. It has made the life of so many people so easy and convenient. And with its compact and small size, it has become very easy to keep it in a house or a small office. And the best part is that a wide range of people can use it, a school kid or a college student can use it for their projects, offices also finds it usage even shops have started generating printed bills for their customers. Now, we all agree that we live a fast pace life, and all of have some kind of deadline to work on. Therefore none of us has the time and patience to wait and work with a printer that takes too long to print a page, because offices and banks usually have hundreds and thousands of paper to print on an everyday basis. So if you are facing any kind of issue related to your printing speed, feel free to contact our toll free number. +1-888-621-0339.  Here at dial printers, we make sure that all your computer and printer related problems are solved and all your quarries are answered.  Our team is available round the clock to help you with your problems. We at dial printers support truly believe in “happy customer is returning customers”.  Brother printers is a reputed brand and are spread over 40 countries.  It has been winning the heart and trust of many over 109 years. And we at dial printer’s support in association with Brother Printer customer support are very happy to help all the happy customers of this brand.



After spending hours in completing a project or after working too hard to meet a specific target, our printers taking way too much time to print a paper is the last thing we want. Though brother printer is one of the best printers out there in the market, sometimes it too faces some issues. And fixing slow printers with dial printer support is very easy and convenient. Our printers slow down when there is a high-resolution setting, some issue with the driver or a problem with the memory. When there is a high-resolution image, it will have more data for your computer and printer to process hence slowing down your printer. And it is advisable to print in draft, normal or standard mode. And in case you have a presentation or something that seeks images and pictures of high quality then switch the setting of the printer to high quality. A person who regularly prints a huge number of papers and is facing a problem with their printing speed, it may be because of a memory issue. The best way to solve this problem is by adding memory to your printer. Even printing on both sides of the paper takes longer than just printing on one side. Drivers too affect the speed of your printer’s printing. In case of a slow printing, you can first switch of the printer and then switch it on. You can also reinstall the printer’s driver or update the printer’s firmware. But make sure not to power off the printer or use the computer while updating the firmware. The kinds of driver you use in your printers too affect the functioning of your printers. High-end laser printers and some of the inkjet printers are available with a choice of driver. You can use drivers like PCL and postscript. PCL is generally advisable for use in offices whereas postscript is better used for intensive graphics works and industries. In case you have a wireless printer a poor network connection can also be responsible for slowing down your printer, thus checking your network is important. Also, note that while using a USB cable that is too long or that is not shielded properly can affect the speed of your printer. And also check if your printer model has the facilities of using two printer cartridge, as printers with one cartridge take longer to print compared to printers with two cartridges.


Dial printer support in association with Brother printers technical support ensures that all our customers get the best services they deserve. We have all round the clock customer care service, where our professionals are there to answer all your quarries. You can reach our professionals through our toll free number +1-888-621-0339 or you can even email us in


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