Procedure to cancel the HP Instant Ink Program: HP Printer Tech Support

HP is known name for us which full form is Hewlett Packard. It is a brand that offers lots of electronic gadgets to us which are the printer, laptop, desktop etc. The printers offered by HP have a good number of users. With the help of your HP printer, you can print, fax or scan your documents. As a technical device, the HP printer has to go through technical issues. If your HP printer is also facing a technical problem, you can take help from the team of HP Printer Tech Support.

When you get an HP printer, you also have to subscribe to some plans offered by HP which you can cancel according to your needs. The printing plans depend on the number of pages that you print with the printer in a month, But it does not depend on the amount of ink. The HP Instant Ink Program is one of those subscription packages which HP offers. You also can cancel it when you need it. Here we will discuss the process of canceling the HP Instant Ink Program.

What is HP Instant Ink ProgrammeHP Printer Tech Support

HP Instant Ink Program is nothing else but a service offered by HP. It is an ink cartridge replacement service that allows the user to replace the cartridge with low ink level. The setup process includes this program and here the customer can choose a plan from the Instant Ink Subscription plans and purchasing ink at retail stores or online according to the preference of the user. After sometimes, the user may want to cancel the HP Instant Ink Program. So here we discuss the procedure to cancel the HP Instant Ink Program and the users may find it helpful. HP Printer Tech Support Team is also there to help the HP printer users when they face any issue related to the HP printer.

The steps to cancel HP Instant Ink Program

You can cancel the HP instant ink program anytime you want. Before doing that, you need to know some facts which are as follows;

You don’t have to pay any penalty to HP for canceling the enrollment in HP Instant Ink anytime.

When the billing period for the HP Instant Ink Cartridges comes to an end, they don’t work and you have to return that to the HP. In the time when you have completed the billing cycle, you need a standard replacement for ink cartridges if you want to continue printing.

HP printer’s service you can continue until the end of the current billing cycle.HP printer tech support

For the remaining period of current billing, there is no need to pay any current billing.

Now, if you want to cancel the HP Instant Ink account, the procedure is as followed;

  • First, you need to sign in to the HP Instant Ink account page that is registered for you.
  • Then you need to proceed to the Status area of the HP Instant Ink account page.
  • Next, you see a printer drop down menu appearing on the screen of your computer where you have to click and then select the printer which you need to cancel.
  • Now to confirm that the correct printer is chosen by you, you have to check the ‘ePrint address or Print History’ of the printer.
  • In the next to that, you have to select the ‘Change Plan’ option that is under the “My Account” and you need to press ‘Cancel Enrollment’ tab.
  • In the last, you need to click on the ‘Cancel Service’ so that your cancellation request can be confirmed.
  • After finishing the process, a confirmation notification will be sent to you via a Mail and that confirm the confirmation.
  • Now you don’t have to pay any bill to HP.

Follow the steps above and you can easily cancel the HP Instant Ink Program. If you need, for HP printer issues, you can that help from the team of HP Printer Tech Support.

HP Printer Tech SupportHP Printer Tech Support

When you are printing with your HP printer, sometimes it may make you face you some issues to solve which you need the expert’s help. In those situations, you can take help from the third parties who offer customer support service. One of those third parties is the HP Printer Tech Support team who is 24×7 ready to help the users. To talk with the team of HP Printer Tech Support, you need to call at +1-888-621-0339.

There is no need to carry your HP printer to anywhere as the experts of HP Printer Tech Support assist you over the phone to solve your issue. HP Printer Tech Support’s only aim is to satisfy the customer so that the satisfied customer will return to them again. You can enjoy the service of HP Printer Tech Support without paying any hidden charges. If you want to get the service of HP Printer Tech Support at an affordable price, you can get it by subscribing to their monthly or yearly packages.

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