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Removing the .Pumas Virus from HP laptop step by step

What is .Pumas Virus?

.Puma is nothing else but a Ransomware cryptovirus that is shaped to blackmail the user who is attacked by it. It is done by applying a secret file encryption with the personnel file of the user and then when the person wants to access it, he or she is asked to pay. This is a very unpleasant experience for users. It is the not-so-pleasant thing that Ransomware virus like .Pumas is not so easy to remove and also it is tough to handle. There is only a precise way to solve this issue and that is you can decrypt the file which was encrypted by this virus. You can also talk with HP Laptop Support team to solve any issue with your Laptop.

How to remove .Pumas virus from your HP computer?

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To start the process of removing the .Pumas virus from your HP laptop, you have to go to the task manager first. To do that, you have to press Ctrl + Shift + Esc and you can enter to the Task Manager. Now, go to the Tab labeled Process. Then, check the list of the process which activates in your system. If you find any of those turning shady or consuming RAM/CPU more than expected and also if you notice strange description or there is no description at all, then you have to right click on that, now select the “Open File Location” and then delete those which appear there. You can also stop the process if you don’t want to delete it and now select the End Process.

Now you have to go to open the hosts file by following this process that is c:\windows\system

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32\drivers\etc\hosts. Then you have to find the Local host and then look at the below and if you find any IP address you can send it to us through contact.

After that, you have to stop the startup programs. You can start it by re-opening the start menu and then type msconfig. Now, you have to click on the first search result. In the next window you have to move to the startup tab. You will get a startup part of the task manager if you are using windows 10.

Now you have to go to the registry editor by pressing Windows key + R and moving to the next window type register edit. You have to press Ctrl+ F and then type the name of the virus. Now, you have to delete everything that you find. If you are not sure about deleting something, you can ask in the comment.

Few more steps……

In the windows search box, you have to type the locations which are %LocalAppData%, %AppData%, %Temp%, %ProgramData%, and %WinDir%. If you notice anything in the Temp linked to the .Pumas Ransomware, and then deletes it. You can short the other folder’s content by date and then delete the recent entries.

At the last step, you have to perform the Decryption. All the above mention tasks can help you to remove .Pumas Ransomware from your HP printer. Now, you have to access your files by decrypting or restoring those.

Call +1-888-621-0339 HP Laptop Support Number

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Call HP Laptop Support Number to talk with the team who will help you in resolving the issue with your laptop. If by following the above-mentioned process, you are unable to solve the issue, call +1-888-621-0339 and talk with the team members. So, to solve any kind of issues with your HP Laptop, stay connected with HP Laptop Support.

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