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HP or Hewlett-Packard Company is known for awesome electronic and technical products. The qualities of the product manufactured by HP are commendable. We all are familiar with the HP laptop which is widely used. HP laptops are available in the market with various models. If you are also one user of HP, for any laptop related issue, you can take the help of HP Laptop Support.

Sometimes, the HP Laptops have to go through an issue in which the laptop screen becomes and remain black. It is caused by various reasons. So, in this blog, we will talk about how to solve the issue of a black screen in the HP laptop. After applying these methods also you are unable to solve this issue, call + 1–888–621–0339 and take the assistance of HP Laptop Support.

 HP Laptop Support

Solution 1: When your HP laptop’s screen is black after signing in to windows 10

If your laptop screen becomes black after signing in to the Windows 10, you can apply this method.

  1. To fix it, you have to open the task manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. Now, click on File > Run new task and then type explorer.exe and then press enter. Now, check if the method is working or not.
  2. Reboot the device by disconnecting all the external devices. These external devices are also can be the cause of this issue sometimes. So, while connecting an external device with your laptop, be careful so that you don’t connect any problematic device.
  3. Turn your laptop to safe mode. Then you have to press windows key+C and then you have to select Settings > Change PC settings > Update and recovery> windows update. Now, after following this process you have to select the option of View details and then confirm the update option.

HP Laptop Support

Solution 2: HP Laptop screen is black without the access to signing in

Here, you have the need of Windows 10 installation media. To get it, you have to download and burn it in USB or DVD from a working computer. Now, you have to connect it with the HP laptop which is facing this issue and then turn it off and boot it by using that installation media. The detailed process is as followed;

  • You have to select the option of repair computer when it is asked.
  • Now, you can see a “select an option” screen appears where you have to select the option “continue to Windows 10” and then shut it down and troubleshoot your computer.
  • For that, you have to select troubleshoot computer then Advanced option from where you have to click on the startup setting and restart the computer.
  • After the laptop is rebooted, you can get some options.
  • Now, press the F5 key or you can also scroll to safe mood with Networking and then to enter safe mood press Enter.
  • At the last step, you can chose to check the Default display and then uninstall the device driver for Display and Auto-install or detach the device which is causing a problem.

HP Laptop Support

How to recover the files after fixing black screen issue in the HP laptop

It is a very common issue that after fixing the black screen issue in the HP laptop, you may have to face the data loss issue no matter what method you have applied. So, here we are going to discuss how to recover those data;

  • There are various types of data recovery wizard software available online and you have to install one of those. Try to select the best one.
  • Now you have to select a drive and then start the scanning process by clicking at the “Scan” button. This process is continuing as long as you press at that scan button
  • Now, under the drive, you will get a File or folder, extra files, lost partition files, and filter list.
  • Now, you can get the file or the folder you are looking for in the interface of the software. If you are unable to find it, then you can search it by typing the name also.
  • Now, after finding the file, select it and to get it back click at the “Recover” button.
  • (May this process slightly different according to the recovery software you are using.)

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HP Laptop Support

If you are facing any issue with your HP laptop, talk with HP Laptop Support. Call HP Laptop Support Number + 1–888–621–0339 to talk and get the solution from them. The team members of HP Laptop Support are always trying to satisfy the demands of the customers. So, to get the best experience by using HP laptop, stay connected with HP Laptop Support.

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