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A printer is a technical device that takes our data and delivers by pasting them in a text format in the papers. As a technical device, printers help us in various ways. In the market, you can find various printers with new styles and technologies which are manufactured by different companies. Canon is also one of those companies who is offering you printers with new technology and quality. The users can enjoy interrupted services with a canon printer. You can also take the help of Canon Printer Customer Support for any of your Canon printer issues.

Printer, as a technological device, has to go through some technical issues sometimes and the canon printer is no exception. There are some error codes which may trouble you while using the canon printer. In this blog, we are going to discuss Canon error codes E02 and E05. E02 is a technical error that arises because of the issue in the print head. On the other hand, error E05 is an issue related to ink cartridges. So, here we are going to discuss these errors along with the solutions. Canon Support team also can help you in resolving any of your canon printer issue.

Canon error E02

Canon Printer Customer Support

The error E02 occurred in the canon printer because of the overheating in the printhead. There are various ways to solve this issue. Some of those are changing the printhead, restore the cartridges, rearrange the print head and then turn off the printer and then remove the print cover.


Like every problem, it also has a solution by which we can solve the error E02 in the canon printer. You can also take the help from canon support to solve the issues with your printer. So the step by step solution to the error E02 is given below;

In the first step of troubleshooting the error E02, you have to turn off the printer which should be followed by the opening of the print head.

Now, again turn it on and then you can see that the cartridges begin to move to the left from the right. You should shut down the printer cover before the cartridges move to the left and then turn on the printer.

You can also turn your canon printer off for a while.

Then, turn it on again and check if the problem is resolved or not.

Canon error E05

Canon Printer Customer Support

There are various types of error may occur in your Canon printer and error E05 is also one of those. This error indicates a problem in one of the ink cartridges. By resetting your printer, you may solve this issue. Call + 1–888–621–0339 to take help from Canon Printer Customer Support in solving any issues related to your Canon Printer.


Error E05 in canon printer can be solved by following some easy methods. Some of those are as follows;

By resetting or rebooting your canon printer for some time, you may solve this error E05 in your Canon printer.

You can also fix this by reinstalling the system or reload the cartridge to clear a blockage. The process is as followed;

From the top of your canon printer, remove the cover. And then in the surface of the cartridge holder, you can see two click-locks which you have to tap so that the ink cartridge pops-out.

Now, find the blockage by checking the cartridges if there is any particles or dried ink. If you find anything, clean it up.

To clean the cartridges, use a tissue and after that, you can reload the ink cartridges in its holder.

Now, you have to find out if the error is resolved or not. If your printer is still showing the issue, then replace the ink cartridges.

Call + 1–888–621–0339 and get help from Canon Printer Customer Support

Canon Printer Technical Support

Canon Printer Customer Support is a third party service provider who helps you in resolving your issues related to your Canon printer. Call Canon Printer Customer Support Number + 1–888–621–0339 and get an easy and effective solution for the issues of your Canon printer. By following the above-mentioned tactics, if you are unable to resolve these errors, you can talk with Canon support and they are always ready to help you with your printer related problems. It is not the Canon itself but a third party service provider. So, stay connected with Canon Printer Customer Support and enjoy the interrupted services.

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