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Solve the issue of Computer virus and Malware: HP laptop support

Malware or virus issue is a common issue that we can saw in the laptop and desktop. It can be a trouble in the computing life of one. Even when you are protecting your computer with antivirus software, then also you may have to this issue. So, in this article, we are going to talk about how to get rid of this computer virus or malware and improve the performance of the device. HP laptop also has to face this problem. The virus can decrease the performance of the HP laptop. If you are an HP laptop user, for any kind of issue related to your HP laptop, you can take the help of HP laptop support.

Don’t worry because we are going to discuss some easy process. The virus generally attacks our computers when we enter a USB device with malware to our computer and when we download something from the internet. Sometimes, we are unable to detect that virus attacks our device. So, first, we discuss how to know that the device is attacked by the virus.

Identify virus in your computer and removeHP Laptop Support

It is always not sure that when your computer is in the clutch of the virus or malware, it stops working. Sometimes, it shows some symptoms by noticing which we can guess that this computer may be attacked by the virus. Be careful if you notice the symptoms in your computer listed below;

  • Suddenly the speed of the computer becomes slow may indicate that it is attacked by a virus or malware.
  • You may have to see a pop-up message that appears from nowhere and unable to remove that, it also indicates that maybe there is a virus in your computer.
  • Suddenly a computer programme is started which is not recognized by you neither started by you. It also can be a sign of a virus attack.
  • If you are constantly hearing the sound of the constant action of the hard drive, there may be virus or malware in your computer.
  • The symptoms listed above, if you see any of these is appearing on your computer, your computer may be attacked by the Virus. It is sure that there is a virus in your computer if you are noticing more than one symptoms of those mentioned above. Download antivirus software for your computer if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Follow the solutions listed below if you find out that your computer is attacked by virus or malware.

How to remove the virus from your computer

HP Laptop Support

In the first step, you have to enter safe mode. For that, you should turn off the computer first and then turn it on again. After that, whenever you are able to see anything on the screen of your computer, press the F8 key repeatedly. By doing this, you can bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu. After getting that menu of Advance Boot, you have to choose the safe mood with networking and then press the enter key. Meanwhile, disconnect your PC from the internet. Thus, you can make your computer to enter a safe mood.

Now, in the next step, you have to delete the temporary files from the computer. By using the Disk Clean up tool, you can delete the temporary files in a safe mood. Start the process by going to the start menu and then select all programs. Now, go to the accessories and select the system tools from where you can get the Disk clean up tool. Now, to delete the temporary files, scroll and find the files. By deleting these files, you can take help in speeding up the virus scanning process.  You can also get rid of a virus if it was just started by booting up the computer.

In the third step, you have to download a virus scanner. You can find two types of virus scanner to detect and delete virus and malware. Those two are real-time and on0-demand. The real-time scanner is able to scan the viruses in the background when the user using the computer. On contrary, you have to run the on-demand scanner manually whenever you need to scan. To remove the virus, use of both scanners is needed. If your computer has no scanner, connect it with the internet and download it immediately. You can download it without connecting to the internet also as you have started up your computer in safe mood with networking.

Now, you have to run a virus scan on your computer. To do that, first, use the on-demand scanner and then real-time scanner. Any of these two scanners can detect and remover the viruses from your computer. But, using both can level up chances of success. There are some viruses which are needed to be removed manually. Try this if you are aware of the use of it. There are various customer services also who can help you in performing this process.

HP Laptop Support

Reinstall the damaged files and software

After removing the virus from your computer, now, you need to reinstall those again as those are damaged by the virus. In this situation keeping the backup can help you.

Upgrade the defense

It is a very important step that you must have to keep the protection of your computer up to date. To protect your computer from the viruses and malware, you should keep updating your antivirus software. As new viruses are being created every single day, it is quite critical to keep the anti-virus up to date. So, it should be updated regularly even when you are buying it just one month ago. For the safety of your files, those are needed to be safe in a hard disc as a backup. By doing this, you can stop the loss of the important files.

Stay protected from getting the another one

You must have to be careful so that you don’t have to fall into the trap of the anti-virus again. Here are some tips, which you should follow;

First, you have to install the latest software updates for windows

After that, install the antivirus system.

Save you back up data regularly

We can see some message pop-up on our screen that it detects some problems in our computer. Stop clicking on those messages.

In your computer, be careful of opening an email that came from an address which you don’t recognize, especially those which come with a link or attachment.

So, this is all about virus and malware and how to remove it from your computer. We all are aware of this line that prevention is better than cure. So, to keep your computer safe from virus, install antivirus software on your computer.

HP Laptop support

HP Laptop Support

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