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Step by step fixing the HP Laptop screen issue

The laptop is becoming a part of our life that helps us in various ways. There are various plus points of having a laptop. Especially it helps us in doing the official works. The convenience of carrying it to anywhere makes it a handy gadget for us. There are various companies who are producing Laptops for us. The technology of Laptops is improving day by day. HP or Hewlett Packard is one of those companies who is offering us Laptops with good quality and different model numbers. As a Laptop, sometimes the Hp Laptop also has to go through some technical difficulties. For any kind of HP laptop issue, you can ask help from the team of HP Laptop Support team. The experts of HP Laptop Support team help you solve the issue over the phone.

The users of HP laptop know that those are good in quality. Especially the display of the HP laptops is special and will always be appreciated. But sometimes, it may break your mind by not standing in your expectation which you may consider as an issue. If the display of your laptop is not working properly it is not easy to work with it. So fixing it as soon as possible is the only way to deal with it. The most prominent HP laptop screen issues are related to resolution or the brightness of the incorrect color settings. As all of these depend on the Operating system, it is easy to deal with it. The process of dealing with the issue we are going to discuss here.

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Steps to fix the HP Laptop screen

When you are operating a laptop, to work with it comfortably, every part of it must work properly. Sometimes, we have to face some problems with the screen of HP laptop. So we are here to discuss some ways to improve the screen quality of your HP laptop. Those are as follows;

Improve the brightness

  • To improve the brightness of your HP Laptop screen, first, you have to press and hold the Fn key for a certain second.
  • By pressing the tab, you have to use the arrow keys so that you can adjust the modifications.
  • Now, you have to move to the specific setting and then release the Fn key in order to save the brightness.

By following this process, you may able to improve the brightness of your HP laptop screen. For any question, you can ask the HP Laptop Support.

Modify the display setting by using the Operating systemHP Laptop Support

  • Start the process by moving to the display setting. Then you have to proceed to the redirect screen and then to configure the properties of the graphic, you have to right-click anywhere on the desktop.
  • Next, you have to go to the bit rate and then change the colors from 16 to 32 bits. By doing that, you have to select the desired color promptly.
  • Apply it and then you have to save the changes by clicking on the OK tab. At the same time, you have to exit the programme also.

If you want to change the display settings, you can follow the process above. HP Laptop Support team also can help you in this process.

Access the advanced option

  • The display issues may be caused because of the driver. To fix this issue, one can try updating the software of the laptop.
  • The changes should be personalized and then you have to ensure the display settings. Next, you have to proceed to the advanced setting to perform the intricate configuration. Here, on the section of Intel graphics, you can choose the driver.
  • When you update driver then the operating system will begin automatic research.

These are some steps by performing which you may able to improve the performance of your HP laptop’s screen. For any confusion, you can ask from the team of HP Laptop Support.

HP Laptop SupportHP Laptop Support

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