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Step by step perform a self test in Canon MP287 Printers

Printers have made multitasking very easy. But this are electronic devices which with constant use can face issues with the working.  So to check if the printer is working fine and to know what the real cause of the problem is, taking a self-test of the printer is very important. Today we will look into ways that will guide us the way to take a self-test in a Canon printer. If while following the steps you come across any kind of difficulty or doubt then you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support.


Taking a self-test of your printer will help you analyze its condition. On taking a self-test the printer prints a page that shows the ability of your printer to function properly. The page contains technical information about the printer such as the memory of the printer left, the printer model number, status log information that can be used to troubleshoot any technical problems related to the printer. It also helps you to know the setting of the printer. The test page also contains information like software driver the printer is using and also its version. It also helps us in locating the configuration file of the printer.

Manual method to test your printer-

  • First, begin with loading the paper into the input tray of the printer. Now click and hold on resume/cancel button you notice bilking of the power light for about twice.
  • Then release the button.
  • When the power button blinks twice it will print the nozzle test sheet

Correct nozzle pattern-

All the lines should be aligned systematically and there should be no missing lines also the lines should be aligned systematically. And there should have no white streaks. If you face any difficulty while following the steps contact Canon Printer Customer Support.

Incorrect nozzle pattern is seen when the ink is not ejected and some of the patterns of the black ink is missing. The appearance of a white streak in color ink also indicates a problem

  • Now carefully read the nozzle check pattern output from the test report.
  • If the output is normal and shows no disturbance then the print head is functioning well. And nothing needs to be done in such case. But in case you see that the nozzle check pattern output is not correct then the right thing to do is get a print head cleaning.
  • You should clean the print head with an alcohol swab very carefully and remove all the debris possible from the print head nozzle.
  • Once the cleaning is done get a print of nozzle check pattern test.
  • If you notice that there are missing lines of color then doing a second printhead cleaning. This time a deeper cleaning should be performed. For assistance Canon Printer Customer Support is always there to help.
  • After performing a deep cleaning get the print of nozzle check pattern test.
  • By now the clogged ink on the head of the nozzle will liquidity and the problem will resolve.


Printer self test is done when the printer prints black marks, when the print gets smudged or the printer gives a blurry print. But before you get a printer self-check do make sure to check the basic factors such as if the printer is turned on and the USB cable connecting the printer to the computer is plugged in properly. If the connection is loose then the printer faces some error since the information is not reaching the printer properly. If the printer lights are green then it is working properly but the blinking of the printer may indicate a problem. So check the printer properly if there is a paper jam or there are shreds of paper left in the printer after the jam and thus may require proper cleaning.

Canon Printer Customer Support

Canon Printer Customer Service.

The Canon Printer Customer Support believes in the saying that happy customer is returning customer.  A team of technical professionals works all day round to help you. They provide you with any kind of technical problem you are facing. We ensure that you get the best solution. Also we makes sure that you do not have to wander outside to get your problem fixed. For any kind of queries and technical problem feel free to call +1-888-621-0339.

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