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Steps to follow for changing Ink cartridge in a canon printer

With regular use of printer, the ink in the cartridge starts to lower down. Therefore to able to continue printing, changing ink cartridge is important. Now we are in a stage of life where we are very much dependent on a printer for a lot of things. Therefore every day we take a number of printouts. These printers run on ink for giving out the hardcopy that we receive. So at some point, this ink gets exhausted. This is when the changing ink cartridge comes to play. Doing so will ensure that you can print all your documents.

Now none of us will like to go out just for changing ink cartridge of the canon printer. So being able to do so on our own is very important and helpful. So if you are planning of changing ink cartridge of your canon printer then this is the right blog for you. Here we will look at ways that help you effectively change the ink cartridge. So, next time you are out of printer ink or if there is an issue with the cartridge. You are capable of changing the cartridge on your own. In case if you have any doubts and query regarding changing ink cartridge of your canon printer then feel free to take help from Canon Printer Customer Care.

What is ink cartridge of your printer?

changing ink cartridge

Now not everyone is computer nerds. So if you do not know what ink cartridge is, then worry no more. So, before we get into the ways that will help you in changing ink cartridge. Let us first have a look at what ink cartridge is. So, ink cartridges are nothing but disposable containers that hold ink for inkjet printers. In an inkjet printer, there may be only one ink cartridge that holds only a black color or all the primary color. The inkjet printers are fitted with a number of powerful inkjets. These are used to spray liquid ink on the pages. The ink for printing is a complex blend of dyes and pigments. They aid in page retention and produce more exact color. Therefore the use of ink cartridge in a printing proves is very important. So when the ink is over, changing ink cartridge is important.

Ways of changing ink cartridge of Canon Printer

For changing ink cartridge of your Canon Printer, follow the steps that are mentioned below-

Opening the ink tray that is present in the center of your printer

changing ink cartridge

  • If you are using a Canon Printer of series MX and MG then you will have a center paper output cover that will be above the output tray.
  • Open the ink tray in the center that is above the output tray.
  • While doing the steps that will help you in changing the cartridge make sure that the printer is plugged in and is turned on.
  • This is important because the ink compartments will slide into view when the printer is on.
  • When the ink cartridge slides to the right side of the open tray, you will be able to replace the old cartridge with the new one. If you have any issue in following the steps you can contact Canon Printer Customer Support for help.
  • Whereas if you are using Canon printer of series MX and MG that uses the FINE ink cartridge, in such cases the cartridge holder will move to the replacement position behind the headcover. Gradually the headcover will open automatically.
  • However if your Canon Printer model uses a number of several small ink cartridges, then the cartridge holder will slide into the middle of the operation tray.

Remove any existing ink cartridges from the printer

changing ink cartridge

  • For able to put in the new ink cartridge you will first have to remove the old ink cartridge from the printer.
  • Now slowly press down the ink cartridge that you wish to remove. They will lead to the clicking of the cartridge lock level. Therefore you will be able to dislodge the cartridge.
  • After you hear the clicking sound you will see the existing ink cartridge popping out. then you can pull the rest of it out.

Inserting the new ink cartridge

  • The last step involves inserting the new ink cartridge in the ink slot. For this insert the cartridge in the slot where the ink nozzles facing away from you.
  • Then the color cartridge goes to the left side and the color cartridges to the right side.
  • After changing ink cartridge of your Canon Printer make sure that you get the clicking sound. This will ensure that the cartridge is in the right place.

Canon Printer Customer Care

changing Ink cartridge

If you have any issue with following the steps mentioned here, you can contact Canon Printer Customer Care for the right assistance. a group of professionals is always there to help and guide you through all your printer related issues. There are no hidden charges for any of the services. So you can feel free to call them at any point of the day at +1-888-621-0339.

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