The best ways to delete HP laptop virus

Laptops are a very important part of our lives. None of us can deny the fact that we are all dependent on them for all our personal and professional documentation. Over the years the scope of laptops has increased multifold. And the compact size of these electronic devices has made it very popular. They are so compact that you can just put in your handbag and carry it anywhere you want. Now we use it not for official documentation only but also for gaming, online shopping, and movies and for so much more. So many a times such browsing can infect our systems with viruses. So today we will look into ways that will help you remove these viruses from the system. If you have any queries or face any difficulty while following the steps mentioned here, then contact HP Laptop Support.



The term computer virus includes all forms of malicious software that infects our system. Once the virus attacks the laptop it will affect the performance of the laptop, the system will start crashing and there may be a few data loss. Therefore it is very important to remove these viruses from your system.  But the first thing that you should know is to how to detect these viruses. To rightly know if your laptop has a virus or not you will have read the signs that the laptop is sending you. Such as-

  • If your laptop is running very slow
  • If you get sudden pop-up messages and they are very hard to remove
  • Having computer programs starting that you do not know and maybe you did not even start.
  • If you can hear the sound of the hard drive in constant action.

Now symptoms generally indicate the presence of viruses in your system. If you too are facing such problems then there is a fair chance that your system is infected. So the right thing to do in such cases is to download an antivirus for your system. And if your system does have a virus then follow the steps mentioned below. To know more about the system indicates you can contact HP Laptop Support.



HP Laptop Support

  • Enter the safe mode- you can do this by first turning off the laptop and then again turning it on. Then on noticing things appearing on the screen press the F8 button repeatedly. This will display the advanced boot options menu on your computer screen. Then choose a safe mode with networking and then press enter. And while doing so do not connect your laptop to the network or internet.
  • Delete the temporary files- once you have entered the safe mode, you should delete all the temporary files using the disk cleanup tool-
  1. First, go to the start menu
  2. Then go to all programs
  3. Then choose accessories
  4. Now go to system tool and choose disk cleanup
  5. Now scroll through the files to delete the temporary files.

Deleting the temporary files will speed up the process of scanning the virus in your laptop.


  • Download a virus scanner- now there are two types of scanners that will help you detect and delete the virus in your system. They are- real time and on demand. The real-time scanner scans the system in the background thus allowing you to use the laptop while the process of scanning is going on. Whereas the on-demand scanner needs to be run manually every time you want to scan your system. Sometimes using both the kind of virus can be needed to remove the virus. So if you do not have a virus scanner it is highly recommended for you to do so.
  • Once you have downloaded a virus scanner it is time for you to run the scanner. The first start with scanning the system with your on-demand scanner then goes for the real-time scanner. So that you can secure the laptop. Sometime you might have to remove the viruses manually. But try doing it only if you are experienced using the windows registry. But in case you are not very experienced then you can contact HP Laptop Support.
  • After you are done scanning and removing the viruses from your system then you might have to download the files and programs that might have been damaged by the viruses.
  • Even after removing the viruses you should always update your antivirus so that your laptop is always protected. This will prevent your laptop from getting infected in the future. So to prevent future infection here are few steps that you can follow-
  1. Always install the latest software update for your windows
  2. Have an antivirus program in your laptop
  3. Keep backing up your data
  4. Try to avoid clicking on the pop-up messages that claim that it has detected a problem in the laptop.
  5. Also, try to avoid opening emails from unknown addresses especially if it has a link or an attachment.

HP Laptop Support

HP Laptop Support

The HP Laptop Support works all round the clock to provide you with the best service possible. A team of professionals always there to answer your queries and you the right solution for your problem. Here at dial printer support, we believe that a happy customer is a returning customer. So whenever you come across a problem with your laptop feel free to call +1-888-621-0339. We are always happy to help.

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