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The Guide To Clean The Print Head Of Canon Printer

We are all dependent on printers and computers for all our personal and professional work commitments. No matter what age group we belong to, we all find our usage from these electronic devices. The compact size of the printer very much contributes to the popularity it has gained among the home users. But these electronic devices are made of many small but essential parts or components. Therefore any issue with the components can affect the way your printer prints. One of the most common problems seen in printers that cause blurry print is a clogged print head. So today we will look into ways that will help clean the print head of your printer. If you come across any issue or problem while following the steps then do contact Canon Printer Customer Support.


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Method 1- use self-cleaning on windows

First, start by opening the control panel on your computer.

Then click on the device and printer. Further, open the printer’s menu. Following that right click on the printer option which needs cleaning. This will display a drop-down menu on your computer screen.

Now click on properties which are present in the bottom of the drop-down menu. On clicking on the properties it will display a new window on your computer screen.

Then click on the hardware and maintenance tab. Then click on the ‘cleaning’ option. This will either say clean heads or clean cartridge. If you are unable to find the option for your printer print head cleaning then either refer the printer manual or contact Canon Printer Customer Support.

Now once you have found it and clicked on it then follow all the onscreen instruction, like if you are asked to click on something then do so. Once the printer has cleaned itself you can start resuming your printing process.

You can also get a test page to ensure that the printer is working fine.

Method 2- self-cleaning on Mac

Canon Printer Customer Support

First, click on the apple menu and then click on the system preference.

Now click on the printer and scanner option. And select the printer model you are using and you wish to clean.

Then select on options and supplies.

A further click on the utility option which is present at the top of the page.

Now click on the ‘open printer utility’ option.

Now a page with different cleaning option will be displayed on your computer screen. You can now decide and choose a cleaning option. Depending on your preference choose to clean the print head or the cartridge.

If there is a drop down option on your computer screen click it and choose the cleaning from the drop-down menu.

Now follow any onscreen instruction you see on your computer screen.

Thus your print head is now clean. If you wish you print a test page and see if it is working fine. If so then you can resume with your normal print routine.

Method 3- manual cleaning

The first thing to do when you are manually cleaning the printer is to gather all the supplies that will need during the cleaning process. Such as isopropyl alcohol, water, bowl, and paper towels.

Now turn off the printer and unplug it. By doing this you will prevent the printer from getting damaged. This will also save you from getting hurt while removing the cartridge from the printer.

Now open the main casing of your printer and remove the cartridge one at a time. If you wish you can either look through the printer manual or contact Canon Printer Customer Support. But if your cartridge has print heads then you can avoid this step.

Canon Printer customer Suppor

Now make a 50/50 solution mixture from isopropyl alcohol and water. For this, you can take about half a cup of the alcohol and half a cup of the water and mix it properly. Now you have to  pour the combination into a bowl.

Now place the print head in the alcohol and water mixture. Make sure that the print head is completely immersed in the mixture. But if the cartridges you are using have a built-in print head then place the cartridge into the mixture.

Now leave the print head into the mixture for about two minutes. By keeping it immersed into the mixture will help the dried ink that is clogging the print head to loosen up.

Once the ink has loosened up now you can remove the print head from the mixture and dab it on the paper towel. Doing so will remove the moisture and ink from the print head surface. Make sure to completely dry the print head before using it or proceeding any further.

Once you placed the printer head and the cartridge back to its original place you can now print a test page to check if the problem is solved. and your printer should be working fine by now.

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