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The most common toner cartridge failure is usually seen due to issues with the drum unit of the printer. The drum of your HP Deskjet 1112 has a wiper blade which scrapes any excess toner off the surface as well as off the paper and Transfer Belt. If the drum unit and all its components are not in a proper condition then it may affect the printing of your printer. There are many factors that cause a problem in the toner of your printer. And today we will brush through all those factors. If you still have any doubt an issue with your printer then contact HP Printer Customer Support.



Everyone at some point in time might have experienced a warning of low toner. Many times most of the cartridges fall short of page yield reported in the product specs, but that does not happen because they’re improperly filled or labeled. In the printer industry, page yields are usually calculated based on 5% average page coverage. That means when technicians perform print tests to determine the page yield of a given product, they are printing about a paragraph worth of text.

If you have been printing full-page text documents or color images, then your actual page yield will be lower. Many printers come with a toner level monitor. But the level of accuracy of such monitor depends from printer to printer even if they belong to the same brand and the same series. Many a time it is seen that a when a cartridge is shown to have low toner level, it actually have around 60% of toner left. The prince of the cartridge varies largely on the kind of cartridge and the printer used. A high-quality printer will allow a high capacity cartridge. On the other hand, low priced inkjet has less page yield and high page print value.

If you get a feeling that your cartridge can last longer then follow the steps mentioned below to improve the life of your cartridge-

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  • First, remove your toner cartridge and then gently shake it. This will help if there is any toner stuck to the wall of the cartridge, this step will remove it. This process also helps in distributing the toner evenly in the cartridge.
  • Try to stick to black toner compared to color toner. As black toner has a longer and better page yield than colored toners. This is also very cost effective, as you only have to remove the black cartridge instead of the entire set.
  • Each cartridge has a different and specific page yield. So when you go to buy your cartridge always check the page yield of the product. The cartridge with a higher yield will give you more prints. This will also be a cost-effective method. It will also bring down the cost of each page printed.
  • Whenever you go for buying a cartridge always go for the one with high yield. And the best way to get proper use of the cartridge is by keep using the cartridge until you start noticing lighter and faded print.
  • Keep checking your printer driver to help reduce ink or toner consumption. Usually, printing in draft mode helps in saving ink. Many printers have ink- or toner-saving settings. It is best to preview the documents before printing and reformat them if necessary, as they may print with extra white space.
  • As the accuracy of the low cartridge level varies from printer to printer, therefore many a time it is seen that the printer starts showing such signals way before the cartridge gets over.

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