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Troubleshoot brother printer error 46: Brother Printer Customer support

The printer is an important part of our offices that are used to do various works. Brother is a company that offers printers with good quality. Technical difficulties we can see in all of the printers and so in the brother printers. There are lots of error codes which appear in the brother printers. Error 46 is an error which we can see in the brother printers. For any kind of brother printer issues, you can take help from the Brother Printer Customer support.

This blog is going to make a clear picture of what is brother printer error 46 and how to fix that error easily. Here, you will get two methods by applying which you can troubleshoot the error 46 in your brother printer. If any of these two is not working for you, you can also take help from Brother Printer Customer support.

What is Brother Printer error 46 and what are that causes for it?

Brother Printer Customer Support

The brother printer error 46 is nothing else but it is displayed when the ink absorber pad is full and if it is needed to be displaced. The error code occurs when the ink absorber is not actually full. When the ink absorber of your brother printer is used for many times, it may become soaked with ink. As there is no easy way for the printer to calculate how much the sponge soaked the ink, it overestimated the amount and display the error 46 prior to the sponge is full.

The procedure to fix brother printer error 46

There we are going to discuss different processes to kick out the Brother Printer issue of ink absorber full which is defined as the error 46. Among these two methods, one is for the printer with a number keypad and another is for without numbers. But the first part is the same in both of the printers,

1st part: Turn your printer into the Maintenance mode

  • Start this process by unplugging the power cord which is in the side of the printer
  • Now, you have to press and hold the Menu/Set/Start button. Usually, it is recommended to hold the menu button. If your printer does not have the menu button, then you can continue the process with Set, Start button or the down arrow.,
  • By pressing that button down, you have to plug the power cord back. Hold down the button of the printer until you see a maintenance mode message on the screen.

Brother printer customer support

2nd part: Reset the Purge counter

Method 1: For the printers with a number keypad

  • You have to type 80 on your brother printer to open up the options.
  • Now, scroll the options by using the down arrow key and continue it until you can see the Purge which is followed by a number. Purge is nothing else but a clean cycle count.
  • Next, you have to enter 2783 and then the number which is in the next to the word PURGE which should set to zero.
  • To go back to the maintenance mode menu, press stop or exit.
  • You can exit and restart the printer by typing 99.

Method 2: For the printers without a number keypad

  • When the printer is turned to the maintenance, you have to follow the same instruction mentioned above in the printer without numbers also. The only difference is that, in the place of numbers, in this kind of printers you have to use the up and down key to scroll through the numbers. You have to scroll to 8 and then press OK or set; then Scroll to 0 and press OK or set.
  • You have to scroll down until you notice the word Purge with a numeric.
  • Again, by using the OK button, enter the number 2, 7, 8, and 3. Then you have to set the purge counter to 00000.
  • By following this, you can reset the purge counter back to zero which can deny the error code46 for a good while. By taking help from Brother Printer Customer support, you can get the solution for any brother printer issues.

Brother Printer Customer supportbrother printer customer support

Brother Printer Customer support is always there for you so that it can help you in solving any of your brother printer issues. To talk with a team of Brother Printer Customer support, you can call at +1-888-621-0339. The team of Brother Printer Customer support gives prior importance to the satisfaction of their customers. They never ask you to carry your printer to anywhere as they assist you to repair your printer over the phone or by accessing the remote location. Brother Printer Customer support offers you the facility of enjoying their service at a minimal price. You can do it by subscribing to their monthly or yearly packages. So enjoy printing with brother printer by getting connected to Brother Printer Customer support.

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