Troubleshoot-the-brother-printer-low-ink-error in the best way

Brother is a brand that offers us a good quality printer. Brother Printers offered printers with different models. There are a good number of brother printer users. With the help of your printer, you can print, scan and fax. A printer is a technical device, arising technical issues are normal. Brother printers also have to go through technical issues. By taking the help of Brother Printer Tech Support team, you can easily get out of the problem that you are facing in your brother printer.

The low ink error is a common issue that we can see arising in the brother printer. It happens as the printer is not able to read the laser toner correctly. So here we will discuss how to troubleshoot this brother printer error from DCP (Digital Copier Printer)/MFC (Multi-Function Center) series and HL series of brother printer. There is a very easy process by following which you can easily kick out this error from your brother printer. The procedure is discussed below.Brother Printer Tech Support

The procedure to remove Low Ink Message from DCP/MFC Brother printer Series

To reset the ‘low ink’ message in your DCP/MFC Brother printer, you need to follow a simple process and that is as follows,

  • First, you have to open the compartment door of the front toner.
  • Now, check the printer screen to see the message that is ‘front cover is open.’
  • Next, you have to find out the ‘clear’ button that is in the front panel and then press it.
  • Then your printer will ask you ‘Replace Drum?’
  • Now on the keypad, you have to type ‘*00’ (star-zero-zero) instead of pressing 1.
  • As on the screen, you see the ‘Accepted’ message, you need to close the compartment door.
  • Thus you can reset the ‘Low Ink’ message.

The procedure to remove Low Ink Message from HL Brother Printer Series

There is a very easy process by following which you can easily fix the low ink error message in the HL Brother Printer Series also. The process is described below;

  • By opening the front door of your HL Brother Printer, you can start the process of troubleshooting the HL Brother Printer ‘low ink error’.Brother Printer Tech Support
  • Next, to that, you have to turn off the printer.
  • After some moments, by holding the GO button, you can turn your printer on.
  • You have to release the GO button when you see that all 4 LEDs light up. By this, all the LEDs will be turned off.
  • In the next to that, you need to press the GO button twice to lighten up 3 LEDs which indicate drum, paper, and toner
  • Now you have to press the GO button for 5 times which make the paper light blinking
  • By this process, the low ink can be reset and now you can close the front door.
  • Apart from these resetting options, there are some tricks too for solving the issue. Let’s have a look.

Important tips to reset the Low ink Error Message

To check the ink level, most of the Brother Printer models use LED light sensors. When the machine assumes the ink’s availability, a beam of light reflects back by hitting the ink in the cartridge. Or else if you see the light passes through, it is indicating low or empty toner. By covering the eyes that read the ink level, we can cheat the machine. Follow the instruction below you can do it easily;

  • Toner Cartridges: You need to cover both sides where you can see a clear eye with the help of black tape.
  • LC41 Cartridges: By covering the part with the help of a dark colored tape, you can cheat your machine.
  • LC51 Cartridges: In the case of LC51 cartridges, you need to cover the bottom part (square hole in the center) by a dark colored tape or permanent marker.

Brother Printer Tech Supportbrother printer tech support

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