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WHY IS YOUR MFC BROTHER PRINTER PRINTING BLANK PAGES: Call Brother Printer Support +1-888-621-0339(Toll-Free)

Taking a print out from your Brother printer could involve few issues like blank page printing or low-quality printing. Wouldn’t it get on your nerves if you have just put a huge document for printing on the printer and it is ejecting blank pages from the beginning itself? Not only you will receive erroneous output from the printer but you will have to wait for the entire printing queue to get over. You could try to override by canceling the print job, but at times it leads to more fatal situations like your computer screen freezing or getting hanged(this is applicable for both the computer and the printer). If so, you have just landed on a quicksand scene. But worry not you can put into service this rectification and correcting procedure which will save you from future fixes of blank page printing. For any Brother Printer related inquiries, you can get in touch with Brother Printer Support.

Check if there is an error message displaying on the LCD screen of the brother printer.

Brother Printer Support

  • If Yes, you can check out the various solutions to the error codes HERE.
  • If there isn’t any error message, you can move forward to the following step.

Arrange for a troubleshoot to detect the underlying issue.

  • On the control panel menu of the Brother printer, press on Menu and then on the 6 number which will open the list for printing.
  • Now click on the number 4, which says User Report and will hence take a print out of the User Settings of the Brother printer.
  • Check for the results and refer to the following on how to proceed further.
  1. If the print pages unusual features like a distorted background or boundary or even horizontal/ vertical lines, it is probably an issue for bad quality printing in your printer.
  2. Then you need not to carry out troubleshooting if it prints the proper settings information
  3. If you get a blank page, carry on with the next step.
  4. Check the Drum, Toner and Ink Cartridge:
  • Your MFC Brother printer must have a button on the top that means for opening the cartridge access door. Press that.
  • Now lift the door and remove the drum and cartridge.
  • Can you see an orange colored tape attached to the drum and cartridge cluster? This is a protective sheath attached by the manufacturer while transporting these devices just in case they get damaged. But this should be removed before installing it inside the printer. So, if the orange tape is still there, remove it.
  • Now place back this cluster inside the printer again and pull down the cartridge access door.
  • Now again take out a User Settings printout as mentioned in the above step and then check for the results.
  • If the report is satisfactory, you are good to go.
  • Or else proceed to the next inspection.

Did your printer started to print blank pages after you had recently replaced any of the following- Ink/Toner cartridge or drum, then perhaps the device has not been able to detect the newly attached items because you might have also reset your printer after re-installing these. So either you could try to reinstall the driver software of your MFC Brother printer or may have to replace these commodities again because chances are that you might have been provided with faulty attachments.

If you haven’t replaced any of the above-mentioned products recently, then probably you could proceed with servicing your printer once.

brother printer support

Brother Printer Support

If there are any other issues that have not been mentioned in the list, then you can reach Brother Printer Support for their 24×7 toll-free services at +1-888-621-0339. The shining feature of this third-party customer support Brother Printer Support is that you need not to have to carry your printer anywhere but can receive all the answers over your phone. There are no hidden charges with Brother Printer Support service unlike other customer supports. Moreover, Brother Printer Support also provides a monthly or yearly subscription, availing which the customers can enjoy free services for this signed period.

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