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Printers and computers are an essential part of our lives. Today we are all dependent on them for almost all our work and documentation. And the compact size of the printer has largely contributed to the popularity of the printers. And when it comes to popular printer brands then HP Printers is one of the leading printers in the global market today. But even the best printer over the years with constant use can face a few issues such as paper jam. It is one of the most common problems in printers. Today we will look into the causes and ways to fix the paper jam in an HP Printer. If you come across any kind of problem while working with the printer or while following the steps mentioned in this writing then contact HP Printer Customer Support.



HP Printer Customer Support

Printing has become so much better and easier then what it was 10 years from now. Now we have a clearer and more cost-effective printing process. And paper jams are one of the most common issues of the printer. Now no one would like to have a paper jam in the middle of a printing process thus it is important to know the causes of the issue. Only then you will be able to fix the problem. HP Printer Customer Support is always there to guide you through the problem. Now there are a lot of factors that cause a paper jam in a printer. And the other reasons that also contribute to paper jamming is the fact that not everyone knows how to handle a paper jam thus causing more paper jams in the future. It is important to understand that printer paper jam is an outcome. Now there may be multiple causes for the outcome.

The most commonly seen factors causing paper jam are as follows-

  • Incorrect loading of paper- this is one of the most common reasons that cause paper jams in any printer. Though putting paper in the feed tray looks like an easy task there are many things that can go wrong while doing so. Like if the papers are stuck to each other then while the paper is pulled in for printing then they will enter the printer at the same time thus causing a paper jam. Even folded papers or if the feed tray is overloaded can also cause paper jamming.
  • Damaged roller- rollers are used by the printer to pill the pages into the printer that will help it in the printing process. But with constant use, the roller might suffer from wear and tear. Thus damaged roller may not efficiently pull the paper into the printer thus causing paper jamming.
  • Uses of low-quality paper- Printers are very precise machines that need everything to be just right which means that even small things such as bits of paper can cause problems in the printer such as a paper jam. Using low-quality paper can result in paper jams. Even if paper bits are not cleaned from the previous paper jam then it can cause the problem. Usage of low-quality paper will leave behind what technicians call paper dust.



Now to fix the problem you have to be very careful while handling the printer. The right way to follow that will help you resolve the issue is as follows-

  • The first step to fix the problem is by switching off the printer. It is important to turn off the printer as not doing so will smear ink onto your hands.
  • Then follow the regular path of the paper. That means when you try to locate the jam try to follow the paper from where it gets in the printer. This is done to ensure that the printer components remain safe. The other reason is that by following the paper path by going against the normal pathway may result in the paper tearing. If a stuck sheet tears, then it will be much harder for you to deal with the problem as you may need to open certain modules to get at the torn paper bits.
  • Many a time by removing the cartridge will help you remove the stuck paper from the printer. While doing so it is important to pay attention to the printer cartridge.
  • Also, ensure that while removing the stuck paper from the printer the roller of the printer is moving. For this try to rotate the roller upward toward the printer. By doing this you will reveal the bits of paper that are stuck in the printer or the dried ink in the roller.

Following the solutions mentioned above will help you fix the problem.


HP Printer Customer Support

HP Printer Customer Support

If you are facing any issue with your HP printer, to get help in resolving that you can call  HP Printer Customer Support by dialing the number +1-888-621-0339. Don’t confuse it with HP as it is a third party service provider. They only help you in solving the issues with your HP printer. The team members of HP Printer Customer Support is always there to help you. You just have to contact them and get your queries answered.

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