Troubleshooting HP printer Error Code 50.4 in Laserjet Printer

Printers have become a boon to humankind. Now for most of our work we are dependent on them, no matter if it is a personal or a professional work. And when it comes to pioneers in the world of printers, then HP Printer definitely stands tall among the top leading printers in the world. But we have to understand that these are all electronic devices and over the years with constant use, they might face a few issues regarding the functionality of the printer. And of the most common printer issue seen over time is the error code 50.4. Today we will look into the reasons that cause the error and the ways that will help you fix the issue. If you come across any difficulty while following the steps or if you have any query regarding the same then contact HP Printer Customer Support.

Factors that cause the problem

You must have noticed that a paper immediately after printing feels warm. It is because of the fuser unit. It is a pair of heated roller present in the printer that fuses the toner on the paper. The particles from the toner are pulled to the paper to create the text and image that you desire. Thus it plays an important role in the printing process of the printer. The user error 50.4 is seen when the printer stops to print and the problem is generally associated with the power supply of the printer. This might occur when there is a driver circuit failure. Some of the other factors that cause this problem are-

HP Printer Customer Support

  • If there is a paper jam in the printer then there are chances that the computer will display the error 50.4 on the screen. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to clean the printer properly every time there is a paper jam. Ensure that all the small pieces of paper have been removed from the printer.
  • The wiring issue too can cause the error in your computer. As mentioned earlier the paper after printing is a little warm because of the fuser. But when there is a problem with the wiring the fuser doesn’t get heated up thus affecting the printing process of the printer.
  • Another cause that contributes to the issue is when there is a problem with the power supply. If the printer is not getting power to function then it might display the error code 50.4 on your computer screen. To avoid this problem always ensure that you do check the connection of the printer and the power socket.

Solutions to the problem

  1. Resetting the printer- To solve the issue it is very important to reset the printer. This can be done by following the steps mentioned below-
  • First, start by switching off the power button of the printer.
  • Then unplug the power cord from the rare end of the printer.
  • Now, wait for about 30 minutes.
  • Now connect the power cord to the printer and plug it in into the power socket. Following that switch on the printer.
  • Now resume the printing process. If the problem still persists then you will have to troubleshoot the problem by following the steps that are displayed on your computer screen.
  • If the problem still isn’t solved then you can follow the next step.
  1. Wait after resetting- the error might still persist if the fuser has heated up. Therefore it is important for the fuser to cool down. For that first remove the cord of the printer from the power socket. Then leave it idle for about 25 minutes so that the printer cools down. After that again reconnect the printer to its power socket. Now turn on the printer. This should solve the problem. But if it doesn’t then move to the next step.
  2. Solve the power issue- as mentioned above the error might flash on your computer screen if there is a problem with the power supply to the printer. For this first start by checking if there is a faulty surge protector. If not then try to directly connect the printer into the power socket. Now turn off the printer. After waiting for some time you can again turn on the printer. This should fix the power issue and should be able to resolve the issue.

HP Printer Customer Support

HP Printer Customer Support

If the problem is still not resolved then contact HP Printer Customer Support. A technical team of HP Printer Customer Support is working only to provide the entire HP customers the best service they deserve. They are providing service any time of the day to ensure that all your queries are answered and the issues related to your HP printer are solved. If you ever come across any problem while working with the system then feel free to call +1-888-621-0339.

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