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Fix HP printer issue of not printing after updating Windows 10

Has your HP printer stopped printing or scanning after you recently updated the Windows 10 version? Well then here are a few troubleshooting ideas that can get your printer back on its form. But if you are unable to take a follow up through this text-based process, you can call HP Printer Customer Support round the clock for any sort of issues related to your HP printer.


After you have successfully installed Windows 10 and executed it, always make sure to restart your PC or laptop at least once. Under the Windows button, select the power button and click on restart.

HP Printer Customer Support


If the problem still persists, you need to check and ensure that the HP Printer is compatible with Windows 10 and whether it has received updates for the same.


If the compatibility test is a success, download and executes the Microsoft Windows Troubleshooter. Now identify, rectify and resolve the problem associated with your HP printer using this firmware. You can solve your problem by running a troubleshoot. If not so, proceed to the next step.


Uninstall the current HP Printing software and search for the latest updates related for your printer from the HP Website. Download the software driver under the Printers section on the website. Search and type your HP model on the search bar and then download the latest driver updates link and run it.


If your printer was manufactured before 2010, you may be experiencing the malfunctioning of HP Solutions centers which says ‘HP Solution Center stopped working’ or ‘HP Solution Center cannot run’ or ‘Scan is busy or in use’.

Generally, you can install HP Solution Center along with the compete HP Printer driver package. This Solution Center is not available for Mac users who can rather use HP Utility Tools which provide the same features. This is the prime center for carrying out all the troubleshooting regarding your HP printer and if you can’t find it after updating Windows 10, ensure to restart your PC.


If your printer was manufactured after 2009, you are perhaps familiar with the software HP Printer Assistant which enables you to carry out the Printer setup, scanning, ordering supplies, checking ink levels and more. If after updating, this icon disappears then you can :

  1. Try reinstalling the HP Printer software drive again.
  2. Reconnect the printer and restart it along with restarting your computer.
  3. Uninstall the prevailing driver software and install the latest available HP Printer software from the HP Website.
  4. Again restart the printer and the computer.
  5. Your problem must be solved and you can again see the HP Printer Assistant icon. Now you can carry out with the troubleshooting.


If you are still facing issues and nothing of the above help you to resolve your problem you can opt for a System Restore but make sure to follow the restore table for Windows 10 as listed below:

                              PROBLEM                                       SOLUTION
Your PC is not working after you recently installed an app, driver or an update Restore from a system restore point.

Start>Control Panel>Recovery>Open System Restore>Next>Scan for affected programs>Next>Finish.

Your PC is not working after it has been a while since you installed an app, driver or an update Reset your PC

Settings>Update&Security>Recovery>Reset this PC>Get Started and choose accordingly to your wish.

Your PC is not starting and you have a recovery drive Use the recovery drive to restore or reset your PC

Connect the recovery drive and turn ON your PC and go to Advanced Options>System Restore.

Your PC is not starting and you haven’t created any recovery drive Use the installation media to restore or reset your PC
Your PC is still not starting after resetting it and you do not even have a recovery drive Use installation media to reinstall Windows 10
Nothing worked and now you want to reinstall your previous Operating System You can move back to your previous version of Windows(available only for a limited time)

Start>Settings>Update&Security>Recovery>Get Started

HP Printer Customer Support

HP Printer Customer Support

For further issues relating to HP printers, HP Printer Customer Support is just a call away from you and you can reach out to our toll-free service at +1-888-621-0339. There are no hidden charges associated with the services of HP Printer Customer Support and moreover, we also provide a monthly and yearly subscription at a minimal registration fee during the term of which you can enjoy free services.  You just have to connect yourself with us by dialing the HP Printer Customer Support Number. Write to us at or can live chat with our technicians on the website for further info.

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