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Steps to fix HP printer error 49.4C02

Occurring error in the printer is very common which we see in almost all of the printers. When you are in the middle of a printing operation and the printer suddenly shows an error message, it is very irritating for the users. HP offers us good quality printers yet those also show the error messages when some technical difficulties arise there. For any kind of HP printer issue, you can seek help from the team of HP Printer Tech Support. They can help you in resolving your issue.

HP printer error 49.4C02 is a common error which we can see in the HP printer. Here, we will talk about the causes of this error and also the solutions by applying which we may able to troubleshoot the error 49.4C02 from our HP printers.

Causes of the HP printer error 49.4C02

HP printer tech support

This error 49.4C02 occurs in the HP printer because of some reasons. Some of the common causes of this error are as follows;

  • The HP printer error 49.4C02 can arise in your HP printer if the firmware setting of your hp printer is not properly set.
  • If the printing operation setting is not properly set, then also this error may occur.
  • When the internet connection is not strong or when the USB cable is problematic, then also there is the chance of occurring this error.
  • The invalid printing command also can cause this error in your HP printer.
  • If the jet-direct cards in your hp laptop are not correct, it can also create the error 49.4C02.
  • When you are not updating the printer driver for a while, then also the HP printer error 49.4C02 may arise.

Solving the error 49.4c02 step by step in your HP printer

Facing an error during the printing operation is a very irritating experience. So, here we will discuss how to troubleshoot the error 49.4c02 from your HP printer.     Those steps are as follows;

Stop accessing the printing commands

First, you have to stop all the print commands which are in the queue already. For that, you have to go to the printer icon which is in the right side corner of your system and then open the access to the printing command. Now you have to delete all the activate commands from the printing queue list.HP Printer tech Support

Turn your printer off


Next, you have to cut the power of your printer and then you also have to cut the connection

between the printer and the system which you are using. After a few minutes, connect it again with the system. Then print a test page to check if the problem is solved or not.

Remove all the advanced printing features


Follow the procedure given below to do it;

  • First, you have to open the printer setting option.
  • Now, by using the left –click, you have to select the run printing command.
  • Next, you have to find the Advance features.
  • You have to remove it by  selecting the “Advanced option”
  • Now, all the Advance features are disabled by you.

To check if the error is removed or not, try printing a page and if you see the error again, then proceed to the next solution

Fix or recheck the printing font of Franklin Gothic Book

As sometimes the “Franklin Gothic Book” font also can cause this error. So by rechecking this font also you can solve it.

Reexamine the Printer Firmware

This error sometimes occurs when the printer firmware of your HP printer is expired or corrupted. So, you have to restart your printer and operating system and then check the printing service.

So, these are some methods by following which you may able to troubleshoot error 49.4C02 from your HP printer. By taking help from HP Printer Tech Support also, you can remove this error.

HP Printer Tech Support

By taking the help from HP Printer Tech Support, you can easily remove this error 49.4C02 from your HP printer. Not only can this error, but HP Printer Tech Support also help you in resolving any issue which is associated with your HP printer. HP Printer Tech Support has an expert team with which you can talk by calling at +1-888-621-0339 so that you can get the solution for your printer issue. Your satisfaction is their primary aim for which the team members of HP Printer Tech Support never compromise with their services. One plus point of taking service from HP Printer Tech Support is that you don’t have to carry your printer to anywhere for accessing their service. You can also enjoy the services of HP Printer Tech Support without paying any hidden charges. HP Printer Tech Support offers the customer the facility of enjoying their service at a minimal price by subscribing to their monthly or yearly packages.

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