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Computers and printers have become an essential part of our lives. Nowadays we all do our works on computers. And getting a hard copy of the document has become easy with the use of printers.  Just with a click of a button, you have the power to prints thousands of paper within minutes. Thus, having a printer in today’s life has become very important. Brother printers are a leading company providing you with one of the best printers available in the market. People are trusting it for many over more than 100 years. It has established its market in over 40 countries. But just like any other electronic device, with time this too faces issues over the time. And one such problem seen in printers is getting unclear or bad quality printing. But worry no more, because this is not a permanent problem and can be easily solved. Here we with Brother Printer Customer support help you solve all your computer related issues.



Getting a bad print at some point of time is inevitable. But you can correct it by following the below-mentioned steps-

  • Check if the printer cartridge is properly aligned- over the time the misalignment of your printer cartridge can take place. In most of the printers, there is an automated system that can be controlled by going to the printer’s control panel. Though this automated system, you can align your cartridge properly.
  • Adjust the print speed- bleeding of ink may indicate over-saturation of the ink. And the best way to solve this problem is by increasing the speed of the printer. But on the other hand, if the ink looks blurry then you can increase the ink saturation by decreasing the printing speed. In such cases, you can also increase the quality setting of the printer. And you can controll all of these in the advanced property dialogue box of your computer.
  • Keep the head and the cartridge of the printer clean- when the printer head and cartridges are not clean then there is a visible white line you can see on the page. Always that you clean the printer and its component with a proper cleaning substance, as using low-quality products may damage the parts of your printer.

  • Checking humidity- when you see a problem with the printing quality of your printer, it is advisable to check if the printer is there in a place that has high or low humidity. Humidity plays an important role in affecting the performance of your printer. Each ink and the paper used while printing has a specific humidity rate, working in a condition with higher or lower humidity can, therefore, affect its function. Printers being set on a low humidity region can make it difficult for the ink to dry, thus causing the print to look faint. Even in too humid areas, there is a fair chance of the paper to absorb moisture thus making the print light.
  • Trapped air bubble in the inkjet- over the period of time, the printer head can get blocked thus making the print faint. In these cases, the air bubble is pushed out instead of the ink thus causing blurry or unclear prints. The best way to treat this problem is by cleaning the ink cartridge from where the ink comes out with a damp cloth. After you finish the cleaning, the print head cleaning process should be run.
  • Now you should check the driver updates. You can use the kind of software that we use can also affect the quality of the print. So it is best to keep your software up to date.



  • Using a good and trustworthy ink cartridge is very important. As you are using brother printers it is advisable to use cartridge from them. If you go for the cartridge from other company make sure that the cartridge is compatible with your printer.
  • Make sure to not keep it idle for a longer time, as doing so can dry up the ink in the cartridge and can cause accumulation of dust on it. All this can cause the nozzle to dry up.
  • It is best to keep the printer off at night as it is the time when they can undergo their self-cleaning cycle.
  • Do not keep the printer in a very humid place. High temperature and humidity can affect how the printer works.



Dial Printer Support in association to Brother printer customer support provides the best solution for all your computer and printer related problems.  Brother printer customer support provides you support in solving issues related to the brother printer. You can reach our professionals through our toll-free number +1-888-621-0339. You can even email us in  Brother printer customer support highly believes in the fact that “happy customers are returning customers”. Therefore try their best to help you with all your quarries.

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