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Troubleshoot canon printer error 5100

When you are printing something in your printer, suddenly your printer stops and it is displaying an error message; how do you feel? Yes, I know it is a very irritating experience though commonly we all of the printer users have to experience it. Canon manufactures printer which is known for their awesome performance. But, like other printers, it also shows various errors. Now, we will talk about the error 5100 which occurs in the canon printer. We also discuss some methods to resolve this issue. By taking the help from the team of Canon Printer Tech Support also, we can easily resolve this error 5100 in our canon printer.

Troubleshooting the canon printer error 5100

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The Ink Cartridge reset:

By resetting the ink cartridges in the printer this canon printer error 5100 can be resolved as the ink cartridges can cause this error. If you set the ink cartridges in your canon printer in an improper way, it can prevent the printer from functioning in the correct way which can generate the error 5100. So, if the cause of this error in your Canon printer is the improper setting of the ink cartridges, to reset those, you have to open the front panel and then troubleshoot the issue by properly setting the ink cartridges.

Printer reset:

When you are using your printer for a long period, you need to reset it if you want to get interrupted services. It should also be done when your printer recently has finished heavy work. By resetting your printer in every few days, you can keep your printer working in the proper way. To reset the canon printer error 5100 by resetting your printer, you have to hold the stop button by pressing it down for 5 seconds and after that, you can release the button. Now, your printer may work in a fine way.

Clean trashes from the inside of the printer:

As sometimes the error 5100 in your Canon printer can be caused by the left packaging material inside the printer, so by cleaning the printer, you may kick out this error from your Canon printer. Left pieces of torn paper also can cause this error. The staple, clip or any kind of foreign things which left inside the printer can cause this error 5100. So, by cleaning the printer can help you in removing the error from your Canon printer.

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Clear the paper jam:

Paper jam is an issue that we can see in all of the printers commonly. In the middle of a printing operation, if you notice that your canon printer is showing the error 5100, then this error may occur because of the paper jam. Now, you have to clear the paper jam. To do that, you have to open the back panel of the printer to see if the paper jam is inside or not. If you find that paper is jammed inside, clear it immediately. By clearing this paper jam, you may also able to kick out the error.

The cleaning of the printing strips:

By cleaning the printing strips also, you can troubleshoot the error 5100 from your Canon printer. This printer strip is inside the printer above the drive belt which is a white plastic material strip. This transparent plastic strip plays important role in printing. As this printing strip also can cause the error 5100, you have to check it if it is clean or not. When you see any kind of dirt sitting in the printing strip, pick a soft tissue and clean it instantly with care.

The above mentioned are some methods by applying which you may able to troubleshoot the error 5100 from your Canon printer. To resolve it, you can also take help from the team of Canon Printer Tech Support.

Canon Printer Tech SupportCanon Printer Tech Support

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