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5 fixes to HP laptop mouse pad is not working issue

Laptops which are manufactured by HP are very good in quality. Those are easy to operate also. HP produces laptops with different models which have a different specification. But, like other laptops, HP laptops also have to go through technical difficulties. To get an easy solution to your HP laptop issues, you can take the help of HP Laptop Support team. One of the issues which are seen in the HP laptop is that sometimes the mouse pad or the touchpad stops working. It happens because of various reasons. So, here we discuss 5 methods by applying which we may able to resolve this issue of our HP laptops.

5 methods to resolve the HP laptop issue of “mouse pad is not working”

HP Laptop Support

1st Method: Update the touchpad driver

When the mouse pad of your HP laptop is not working, maybe the touchpad driver is outdated or corrupted. Try to solve this issue by updating the touchpad driver. You can manually update the touchpad driver of your laptop. You can also take the help of the software to update the touchpad driver if you are unable to do it manually. HP Laptop Support also is there to help you in updating the HP Laptop Support.

2nd Method: Turn over the touchpad driver

When you update your system recently, right after that may be your touchpad stops responding. It happens maybe because the touchpad is conflicting with that operating system which you installed recently in your laptop. To solve this issue, you have to roll back the touchpad driver which you can do by following the procedure below;

  • Start the process by press the Windows logo key and R key on the keyboard and simultaneously you have to summon the run box.
  • Type devmgmt.msc on your screen and then press the OK button next.
  • Now, you can see that the Mice category and other pointing devices are spread out. Next, on the option of touchpad driver, you have to double click.
  • After picking up the Driver tab, you have to click at Roll the Driver option.
  • By restarting the laptop, you have to finish the process and also don’t forget to check if the touchpad is started working or not.

3rd method: Enable the HP laptop touchpad by using the ‘Fn’ keyHP Laptop Support

Your touchpad may stop working because it is accidentally disabled. If you find this is the cause for which your HP laptop touchpad stops working, you have to re-enable the touchpad. Enable the touchpad of your HP laptop by using ‘Fn” key and function key at the same time. Follow the instruction below to enable the touchpad of your HP laptop.

First, hold down the ‘Fn’ key, and then press the specific function key according to the model of your HP laptop. The function key can be anyone from F1 to F12 depending on the HP laptop model which you are using. If you don’t know your laptop model, you can try this process by clicking from F1 to F2.

4th Method: Go to the mouse properties to enable the touchpad

You have to go to the mouse properties so that you can make the touchpad of your HP laptop to work again. The process to do that is as follows;

  • Move to the control panel of your HP laptop first.
  • To open the Mouse Properties, click at the small icon of the mouse which you see in the control panel.
  • Move the last tab now which is in the next to the Hardware tab. This last tab for the touchpad configuration the name of which depends on the model of the HP laptop you are using.
  • Now, you have to choose your touchpad from the device list and then click to enable.
  • Finish the process by checking if touchpad starts to respond again or not.

5th Method: Run a hard reset

Some unknown changes in the setting also can make your HP laptop to stop working. Run a hard reset to resolve this issue. Depending on the model of your HP laptop, the process of the hard reset is different. So it is best if you do it with the help of an expert.

These 5 methods may help you to solve the mouse pad issue of your HP laptop. You can also take the help of HP Laptop Support.

HP Laptop Support

HP Laptop Support

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